Dom andra

I’m back from a style bloggers cruise where we got to spend a few hours shopping in the beautiful but cold Stockholm. The highlights of my trip were hanging out with my stylish colleagues Essi, Nelliina, Laura and Nina, meeting up with the talented Richard from Obscur, visiting the backroom at JUS where we got to see the fall/winter 2010/11 collection of Diana Orving, and shopping at Mrs. H (thanks Oskar and Richard for taking us to my new heaven!) where I scored a perfect pair of Ann Demeulemeester wedge booties on discount (more about those later).

The trip definitely took it’s toll as on Sunday I slept like 12 hours and still feel tired even though it’s almost Tuesday now. Tired as I am, it was all well worth it!

17 thoughts on “Dom andra

    1. En ostanut noita Minimarketteja, mutta toisesta kaupasta löytyi jotain yhtä ihanaa alessa (aiheesta tulossa pian postaus). 🙂 Niin muuten näyttää näyttää! On se niin söpis… Harmitti, kun ei tullut otettua siellä sushi-raflassa kuvia meidän mustasta jengistä. 😉

  1. Did you indulge and buy those gorgeous booties you took a photo of? I would have. 🙂

    The trip and meet-up looked like fun and I bet you are happy you went despite being tired still.

    1. I bought another pair of booties (Ann D ones, more about those later), though those Minimarket ones in the picture also make my heart beat faster. The trip was tiring but so much fun, I think I need to move to Stockholm or something…

    1. The pictures are from the JUS store in Stockholm. Those Minimarket boots at JUS were definitely tempting but I ended up getting something else from there. I’m happy to hear that you like my colleagues, they are all very stylish ladies!;)

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