[Goth_ik;] 7

My fall/winter 2010/11 just got a bit more interesting, thanks to Julius

Odd cuts, dirty leather, hoods, tight cargo pants, OTK boots, hollisters, see-through knits, long vests and coats, and fitted leather jackets – what more can you ask for? This runway show totally makes me want go and listen to some good old Skinny Puppy. Who’s with me?

21 thoughts on “[Goth_ik;] 7

  1. well, julius is sold in helsinki at seven on eerikinkatu, so it’s not that hard to find anymore…

    it’s cool store also stocking the viridi-anne, margiela men’s, vikto & rolf monsieur, john varvatos etc.

  2. See that’s exactly what i was talking about! Thanks for posting the video Anna-Maria, it’s some great inspiration.

    1. Heh, I’ve been lusting for those ever since they came to LVR…I would love every single piece of Ann D’s spring collection and have been thinking about getting at least some of the jewelery (my budget is quite limited after all the Berlin purchases)..

  3. Aika hottia! Tajusin vasta puolessa välissä, että näähän on miesten vaatteita. Heräsi taas halu jatkaa täydellisten reisitaskuhousujen etsintää.

    Assimilate sopi varsin erinomaisesti videon taustamusiikiksi!

    1. Jep! Mulla on muuten ihan sama agenda. 😉 Yhdet about viisi vuotta sitten ostetut pillimalliset etutaskulliset housut löytyy kaapista, ehkä on aika kaivaa ne taas esiin.. Assimilate olis kyllä mahtava taustamusa mille tahansa mallistolle!

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