Dark matter

Anyone who has been following my blog for a longer period of time now, has probably noted my vast obsession for the Rick Owens wedges. They have been my ultimate dream shoes since launched a few seasons ago, and during my Berlin trip I was actually able to be one step closer to my dream when I got to try them on at the Apartment. Such a tease!

The  image of these boots haunted me for a long time, until one day my dear boyfriend found a private seller selling the pull-on wedge flap boot version with a discounted price. Now, these shoes were not the ONES I had been desperately lusting for but after thinking about it for awhile, I realized that they were more than the regular version could ever offer.

So, here they are now, all the way from Italy, finally mine to keep. Dark, smooth leather, beautifully sculpted wedge and the absurdly amazing “wings” (a true Rick Owens stamp) that will make any outfit stand out from the crowd. If shoes can create a feeling of extacy, then this must be it. I’m never taking these off my feet, never…

Picture 1075815

Picture 1075816

Picture 1075817

Picture 1075819

Picture 1075821

Picture 1075818

Picture 1075822

 Pull-on wedge flap boots: Rick Owens

64 thoughts on “Dark matter

  1. How is the leather?
    I was not particularly impressed with RO leather on his wedges from Fall 09 collection, but I presume this pair is from a previous collection?

  2. Whhoa! Nuo ovat varmasti kuin sulle tehdyt. Vaikka olenkin enemmän Minna Parikka tyttö, voisin tulla joskus silitteleen niitä, ihan vaan huvikseni. 😀

  3. Onnea onnea, maailman upeimmat kengät!! Olen myös superiloinen puolestasi, sopivat kyllä sun tyylisi todella hyvin. (ottaisin kiljuen kyllä itsellenikin RO:n wedget..) mutta ihanaa!

    In action-kuvia kehiin, en malta odottaa 🙂

  4. nuohan on aivan kertakaikkisen upeat! pohjakuvan perusteella pitää udella, että onnistuuko noilla talvikävely suuremmitta tuskitta? tai ehkä nuo jalassa vaan leijuu onnesta 🙂

  5. Besides the fact that you’re not scandinavian, i like your blog and your “avant-gardiste” taste in fashion

  6. Xavier: Well, in geographical terms I’m actually Fenno-Scandinavian or Nordic but that sounds a bit..well…crisp (someone from outside of Europe would be like “you’re from where exactly?” And then the explanation “Scandinavian” would clear it all, so…), besides in spoken language and when you want to generalize it, I can say that I’m Scandinavian. 😀 Anyway, It’s great to hear that you like my blog and my style!:)

    1. I’m actually nagging you with this because i’m from Denmark.
      Everybody knows americans are retards when it comes to geography 🙂

      1. So it’s Scandinavian pride then? hehehe.. I have a lot of international readers from different backgrounds and with different education levels, so I’m keeping my generalized term there so that people have at least some sort of idea where I’m coming from. 😀

        1. “scandinavian pride”, yea there is no better way to describe it 🙂
          Check out the white and black rick owens sneakers, I’ve been wanting for
          over a year but they’re too expensive so I ended up buying some raf simons instead

          1. 😉 My boyfriend wanted those RO sneakers as well (they would have been only like 300-400 euros at JUS in Stockholm) but he got these Diet Butcher Slim Skin boots from Japan instead. Those sneakers in the picture are nice though…but those RO boots next to them…I would die for those!!!!!

  7. wow,
    i just saw the pics of you wearing these at the bloggers party and i have to say, they look so amazing – better than the original ones you liked: the wing detail just takes them to another level!
    lucky you! enjoy them xxx

  8. Chloe: Thank you!:) Yeah, I’m really satisfied with these, they definitely have that signature RO look. 🙂 You know, I found a perfect pair of Ann D wedge booties from Stockholm this past weekend, so my quota for wedges is finally full (for now). 😀

  9. Hey! I just came across your blog searching for the very same boots! Darling where did you find them? Please Please do tell!
    I can’t wait to cha cha around Los Angeles with these beauties!
    Bye the way! Love The Blog!
    With Light & Love

    1. Hey there and I’m happy to hear you like my blog! I got these Rick Owens boots from a private seller, so unfortunately I can’t point you to a store or anything. I think your best bet is to look from ebay and some forums that have private sellers selling these shoes. 🙂

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