The big move is finally over!

Hello and welcome to the new blog address! The big move is finally over and I’m now blogging at The old addresses should redirect you here and the Bloglovin, Blogilista, and other blog follow-up services should work as usual. I have also created a Facebook group for my blog, so feel free to join it and see the latest updates and news through there.

Lots of things have changed around here and it’s a bit of a job learning how to blog with Wordpress but so far so good…Notice that the commenting section is now different, and I can actually reply to your comments individually. We can also carry on the discussion with the counter-commenting possibility (the “reply” button) which in my opinion is great! I always love a good discussion, so please use the reply button if you want to counter-comment.

If you notice any problems or want to give feedback about my new blog home, please share your thoughts. We are still all learning here and hopefully all the minor things will be worked out by the end of this week. I’m a bit nervous about all this but I have a feeling this ride will be a good one. Hope you feel the same way!

4 thoughts on “The big move is finally over!

  1. Hope things go better this time with the launch! 🙂 So far so good!

    I like the fact that most of the blogs have kept their original style and feel, their personality, if you will. You can instantly tell who’s blog it is you’re reading. 😛 Well, some have had more drastic changes than the others, but I’d say that most of them have been positive.

    However what bugs me about the appearances of Indiedays-blogs in general is that they are very tight and they have so little “air” between different elements, mostly in that side column. It’s like all the contents are stuffed in a very small area. It could get tiresome and a little messy when there is lots of things and plenty of texts and links and you’d have to navigate your way through…

    Anyhoo, I hope everything goes smooth! 🙂

    1. Thank you!:) So far so good..and I’m happy that people have kept their style or got a facelift if it was needed. 🙂 I totally agree with you about the tight space but there are few resons behind it. Generally the ads are about 300 pixels wide so they had to leave space for that. The whole width of the Indiedays site is quite narrow because it’s set so that most of the computer monitors (no matter what the resolution) can view it properly. Trust me, I was sad to say goodbye to my wide settings but I guess we’ll all manage. 🙂

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