Hi kids, I’m back from Berlin! I had a wonderful time there with my friends (thanks Essi, Tuomas & Satu), partied like a madman on New Years weekend aka Silvester (the clubs in Berlin don’t close until sunrise, if even then) and shopped until I dropped (or rather maxed out my credit card haha). Unfortunately, during my stay the temperatures were quite cold, so I didn’t feel like taking my camera out too much. Even though my visit was consecrated mainly to shopping and partying, I did manage to visit the Neue Nationalgalerie, which I highly recommend checking out if you’re in town.

Rick Owens ❤
Peacoat: H&M
Circle scarf: All Saints
Bag: All Saints
I hope you all had a great New Years and let’s hope that 2010 will bring us all good things!

12 thoughts on “Silvester

  1. Haven´t checked back in a while… my bad! Nice pics, thanks for sharing. And you still look drop-dead-gorgeous, by the way. Happy New 2010!

  2. wow, the pictures are so must be very cold in Berlin, right?you must have a very nice holiday!

  3. hey therebumped into your blog by accident and i can't stop reading it. love your taste in fashion and music… you should check out shoegaze music if you havent already- bands like my bloody valentine and the jesus and mary chain. i also love the horrors who i am seeing in feb.take care, keep bloggin 🙂

  4. Carmen: Thank you! I took these pics with my new lens. :)Agatizska: Me too! As soon as I come back home, I want to go back! I so need to leave Finland one of these days…Roberta Right: I'm happy that you found your way back here and thank you so much.:) Happy new year to you too!Georgia: I love pictures with lights as well. I wish it wasn't so cold outside, otherwise I would have catched a few more. 🙂 You know, even though I usually diss H&M due to it's mass phenomena and sometimes bad quality, there are some gems there, just like this coat that has served me for three winters (and it never seems to go out of style). :)Hair styles 2010: Thanks! It was quite cold there but not as cold as in Finland. We got like -20 Celcius going on here. Hrrr… :DJimmy: I'm so happy that you like my blog! It's nice to hear that there are actually male (assuming by your name) readers out there. 😉 I do love shoe gaze and all the bands you mentioned!! The Horrors are really great live, I saw them live here in Finland at a festival and it was one of the best shows ever! Although, their latest album is more kraut rock than shoe gaze but I love that genre too. :)Saara: It's my new lens baby.. and it's superb!:)

    1. Sugar Kane: I know!!! It’s by this talented artist called Robert Knoke, you should totally check him out! You can buy his illustrations book of famous people (artists mainly) from the Apartment store in Berlin. Oh, and you would totally love love love Berlin!:) I have to give you all the hot spots when you go…

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