New year brings new exciting changes for Fashion Flux! I’ve been asked to join a special project with 18 other Finnish fashion bloggers, and this project will start on Monday the 4th of January 2010. Basically whats going to happen, is that my blog will be moved to a site called Indiedays which is a lifestyle portal featuring fashion, style and beauty. Do not worry though, the content of my blog won’t change in any way, the only major change is that I’ll have a few advertising banners on the sidebar of my blog which enables me to get a little compensation for putting all the time and effort into this blog.
Moving so many blogs under one roof will also bring great things for you readers. Together we are more powerful, so there will be more fun stuff coming your way, for example in the form of giveaways and competitions. We will be also able to work with fashion designers, showrooms and other style/fashion related projects which makes things a wee bit interesting for all of you, and for myself of course.
You will be still able to find me from the familiar adress http://fluxorist.blogspot/, the guys at Indiedays will redirect you to my new address Also my very own dot com,, will redirect you there, so feel free to use any of these addresses to find me after the 4th.
All of the bloggers joining the portal won’t be revealed at once, so if you want to get the latest scoop (only in Finnish, sorry) about what’s going on, do join the Facebook group or Twitter group of Indiedays. From there you can also find the latest news of what’s happening inside the portal after it’s opened.
I’m hoping this change will open great opportunities and new doors for me, as I’ve always wanted to work with fashion. Now I’m one step closer to my dream…

P.S. You should be still able to follow me through Blogger, Bloglovin, Blogilista, RSS feed and other services!

17 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes

  1. Meflen: Kiitti!:) En malta odottaa, että mitä kaikkea kivaa tästä syntyykään!Nathalia: Thanks! I'm so excited!! I used the the same picture in my new banner because I really like it (you will be credited in the new one, too). If you want to draw another one, maybe I can change it someday. 🙂

  2. Oon ilonen sunkin puolesta(: Olis ihanaa päästä itekkin joskus johonkin tommoseen, mutta pitäis ehkä saada ensin pari lukijaa blogille, että munkin blogista tietäis joku:D No onnee nyt, Indiedays tuo varmaan lisää lukijoita sunkin sivulle;D

  3. So excited about you, girl! Finally your hard work and talent is paying off and that is the way it is supposed to be. I wish you happiest New Year's and strongly believe that you will achieve even more of your dreams and goals.Lots of love

  4. hi, i just thought i'd tell you, that if you try to get to your new page through bloglovin it doesn't work, or rather, you're asked to type in a password – so i guess something is either broke or gone wrong? it's no problem visiting your blog via typing and then klicking on your picture.

  5. Jenniina: Kiitos kovasti onnitteluista!:) Kunhan vaan saataisiin tuo saitti pikaisesti kuntoon…Toivottavasti yhä useampi lukija löytää minunkin blogiin. Tsemppiä kovasti omalle blogillesi, ahkera työ palkitaan aina!:)Frickys: Thank you! I'm super excited about this change!! Unfortunately the site had some errors, so we are posponing the transfer until Sunday…I guess there was such a high demand and they didn't expect so many visitors…so crazy! Cocorosa: It does huh? Thank you and happy new year to you too! :)THE DIVINITUS: Thank you, happy new year!!:)Julia: Thanks, it's needed for sure!:)Anonymous: I'm well aware of that but in spoken language it's ok to use such a generalization. When I was in the States no one knew were Finland was but when I mentioned "Scandinavia", they could immediately picture Finland next to Sweden…besides, I feel like I'm more Scandinavian than just plain old Finnish. :DARANXA: I love him too! He is such a multi-talented man. ;)Fröken lila: Last Sunday my blog was supposed to move to the new server but now there are some difficulties occured with the site, so the launch won't happen until next Sunday. I have told about the bloglovin problem to the Indiedays staff, hopefully they can fix it. Can you still follow my blogger addy on bloglovin? 🙂

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