Pour on pour

You know you’ve had a good Saturday night when it has consisted of a crazy going away party for friends, dancing to Under Pressure with musical gestures at the local rock joint, pretty sturdy gluhwein, and singing along with 90’s music videos at the local pizza parlor in the early morning hours.

The outfit for the evening got it’s final form from things that I haven’t worn in a long time, once again proving the fact that the best things can be found by browsing your own closet. I have been looking for a destroyed knit dress for awhile now, completely forgetting the fact that I already got one a few years back. The greyPour dress was calling for something tougher to pair it with, so the pleather pants seemed like a perfect match. I’m also liking how the platform ankle boots cohere with the pants; it almost as if they were one. The outcome was very Rick Owenish but with my own take on it.

At this point I’m very pleased about the fact that I have the new camera, there would have been no way of shooting the outfit so clearly in such low light with my old one. The pictures are a bit overexposed (at least I used manual settings in a very confined space, so please give me some credit) but otherwise the details would have not shown as much. I’m still looking out for the new lens, hoping that Santa will bring it for me this year (hint, hint).

Dress: Pour
Wool vest: Pour
Pleather pants: H&M
Platform ankle boots: Vagabond
Necklace as a bracelet: Lindex

18 thoughts on “Pour on pour

  1. You look so beautiful on the pictures. :)I love the dress!! I want one! (that's my hint Santa :)) The necklace used as a bracelet gave the final touch. Perfect.

  2. Great outfit! Love the 2nd pic.Credits to making H&M and Vagabond look like RO haha, that requires some skill! =)

  3. Luv luv luv! Just a few hours ago I was wearing a very similar outfit than yours. I was trying to figure out should I keep the leather leggings (Jimmy Choo for H&M) I bought or not. The outfit looked good, I didn't. 🙂

  4. Aivan mahtava asu jälleen kerran! Oli vaan tultava kommentoimaan että teidän kotinne sisustus näyttää (ainakin blogissasi nähtyjen kuvien perusteella) todella kauniilta ja tyylikkäältä. Oikea termi taitaa olla jotain skandinaaviseen tyyliin liittyvää, mutta joka tapauksessa, tykkään todella paljon!

  5. Ladyam: Thank youu!!Nathalia: Thanks! You could probably make one of your own? 😉 The new deal: Thanks for the tip!Freudian kicks: Thank you! That's what I do the best hehe. I guess it comes down to the right combinations. ;)Dea: Kiitos kovasti! Molemmat ovat olleet ihan uskomattomia alelöytöjä Tukholmasta. :)Frickys: Thanks! It's a pity Pour doesn't have a proper website, I would love to introduce some of their stuff on here, it's truly great!PUNKIE: Awwss, thank you so much!:)Ed hardy long sleeve tee: Ummm..thanks except I'm not wearing one. That reminds me though, I have a sequin one that I made myself sometime ago, perhaps it's time to dig it out. :DThe gorgeous: Thank you!:)Cafe noir: Kiitos kovasti!:)NinaV: Thank you. 🙂 I'm happy you kept them, they look so good on you!!Irene: Kiitos!:) Opettelua tuon uuden kameran kanssa vielä, mutta hiljaa hyvä tulee…THE DIVINITUS: I love leather! You should def wear high heels, they're girls best friend!:)Juliahelmiina: Kiitos kovasti!:) Meillä on tosiaan sellainen aika skandinaavinen sisustus ja hieman retrohenkeä myös vanhemmilta saatujen aarteiden muodossa. Rakastan 60- ja 70-luvun sisustustyyliä. :)Lauren Goddard: Thank you so much! You're beautiful yourself!:)

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