These boots are made for walking

I have completely forgotten to properly introduce the latest addition to my shoe family: the Ann Demeulemeester riding boots. They are actually a second hand find from Berlin and ever since we met, we’ve been inseparable – that’s how comfortable and well-made they are.

First I thought they wouldn’t fit me right, being size 36 and all, but they are actually perfect (and still roomy) for my size 37 feet. So if you ever get boots from Ann Dem, remember to size down half or one size.

Whilst in Berlin, I also had the pleasure of trying on the famous Rick Owens wedges and noticed that those run one size bigger as well (at least for me). Now I’m a bit doubtful about shopping for shoes online, I guess you can never be sure if they fit true to size or not… Trial and error it is then.

Riding boots: Ann Demeulemeester
Bag: All Saints / Spital Fields

13 thoughts on “These boots are made for walking

  1. Nuo saappaat on kyllä ihan täydelliset! Kelpais kyllä mullekki, vaikken ees tarvis enää kenkiä…(no mutta ainahan niitä tarvii).

  2. Beautiful boots!Yes, from my experience Ann boots always run 1 size large…maybe I shouldnt say always, but the ones I had/tried. Thanks for your kind comments on my blogg =)

  3. +2C?! I wish! Sadly we get colder than -31C, sometimes as cold as -50C between Dec and January…it's ridiculous!On a better note, your boots are AMAAAAAAZING. Love Ann D!x Antonia

  4. To walk comfortably and safely in moorland, hill & fell country, you need to protect your feet in purpose designed walking shoes or boots. In an ideal world, you would have different footwear to suit all the different terrains and conditions that you might encounter year round.walking boots

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