Berlin is burning, part 1

I’ve promised to blog about my Berlin trip for ages now but going through over 300 photographs is not that easy, especially when you want to pick up the ones that best describe this amazing city. I’ve tried to collect here some of my favorite places to visit, hopefully you will find them useful and interesting.

My absolute favorite area was the rough East side: the art galleries, beautiful yet decadent buildings, street art and all the amazing boutiques made me instantly fall in love with Berlin. It’s no wonder that only a few days after our trip, I found myself booking flights to go over there for the New Year celebration.

The last time I was in Berlin was almost 15 years ago, and a lot has changed since. I have always been interested in the history of Berlin and we were lucky because we happened to arrive there during a very historical weekend; thousands of Berliners were celebrating the 20th anniversary of the “Mauerfall”, the fall of the wall that once separated the East and West. There were lots of open air expos with street art and pictures, and even though I’m not German, it was a very emotional experience being in the middle of it all.

Naturally, visiting tourist attractions was part of our agenda. I highly recommend the Bauhaus museum where you can see the famous German architecture and design work, Checkpoint Charlie where East meets West, the grey and massive Alexanderplatz, and the East Side Gallery featuring art on the Berlin wall. I also heard that the DDR museum is pretty interesting, though we didn’t have the time to visit it last time but will definitely check it out next time.

The fastest and the cheapest way to move around the city is to take the metro (U-bahn). Berlin is one of the safest cities in central Europe, so moving around day or night time was never a dubious. Taxis were also fairly cheap and are probably the best way to get to the airport if you are carrying heavy luggage.

More about Berlin in the next post, stay tuned!

20 thoughts on “Berlin is burning, part 1

  1. Ihania kuvia! Itsellänikin on nyt jo jonkun aikaa Berliini ollut matkakohdelistalla, joten innolla odotan kaikkia vinkkejä nähtävyyksistä, shopeista ym.Kysymys: mistä tuo sinun upea laukkusi on peräisin, jota kannat tuossa muuri-kuvassa?-Sky

  2. Skylar: Seuraavassa postauksessa tulee sitten niitä shoppailuvinkkejä, I promise. 😉 Tuo laukku on peräisin All Saints-liikkeestä, olen ajatellutkin postaavani siitä ihan erikseen, koska siinä sellainen kiva jippo, että laukusta saa sekä tavallisen ison laukun että clutchin. 🙂 Palaan pian asiaan!;)

  3. So interesting to hear about your thoughts on Berlin. I've never been there but everyone is saying all these amazing things about it.P.S. However, you were probably the best dressed in there 😉 can't stop admiring all the layering you are successfully doing.

  4. Oi, nyt tuli ikävä Berliiniin. Olen kerran siellä käynyt, kolme vuotta sitten, ja se oli kyllä niin oman tuntuinen kaupunki. Joskus täytyy vielä päästä takaisin.Aivan älyttömän hieno asu, myöskin. 🙂

  5. Voi, toivottavasti seuraava postauksesi Berliinistä tulee pian, sillä olen viikon päästä lähdössä sinne 😀

  6. Frickys: You should totally go there, you would love it! Everything was wonderful, and the shopping especially was so good. Well, let's just say that our outfits did stand out there but not in a way that it would have created any negative stares or anything like that (as it might do here in Finland sometimes). :)Joan D: It is! It's so amazing that I have to go back there asap. ;)Anonymous: Osa 2. on tulossa huomenna. 😉 Hauskaa matkaa!:)

  7. I have visited Berlin for several times & my each visit there was so awsom!!! I like this kinde of street art, the city is more interesting&nice when u can see something different than grey walls everywhere.Your whole look is amazing! Especially the jacket:)

  8. Mahtavia kuvia! Ei yhtään iskenyt matkakuume Berliiniin, oi että! Sinne täytyy joskus kyllä päästä käymään, muakin kiinnostaa kaupungin historia muureineen jne. todella paljon 🙂

  9. Fuksjanna: I think it just might get better and better each time you visit it. 😉 I agree, the street art does make the city much nicer and colorful. Even though the buildings are falling apart and there is graffiti everywhere, it doesn't feel scary or shady (whereas it might do anywhere else in the world). Thanks!:)JadoreVogue: Thank you!:)Ulrika: Thanks! You totally should, it's now on my top 3 list of best cities in the whole world. 😉

  10. Anonymous: Oi, kiitos ihanasta kommentista!:) Seassa on hieman vaaleampaa raitaa, oma värini on tumma ruskea, tietyssä valossa melkein musta. Tummimmat sävyt ovat siis omaa, ja ns. kruunualueella on kolmea eri ruskean värisävyä tuomassa lämpöä.

  11. I'm feeling awfully nostalgic tonight and this makes me wanna cry haha. Although knowing that we will roam around the streets of Berlin in less than 4 weeks makes me feel slightly better 😉 The phrase "Can't wait" just got a whole new meaning..Looking fabulous !

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