Boot straps

If you are tired of all your old shoes, and want to make them a bit more edgy, look no further because a pair of boot straps are the perfect solution to all your problems (thank you Aurora for the tip!). I found mine from a store called Mouseyessim on eBay and since the folks at the store are so nice, they promised to give all of my readers a -10% discount from all of their products!
To get your -10% discount, just mention “Fashion Flux” when you make your purchase, but remember to wait with the payment until they send you an invoice with the discounted price. Happy shopping my beloved readers!

Corduroy pants: Second hand
Platform booties: Bullboxer
Studded boot staps:
Mouseyessim via eBay

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I can say nothing but positive about the store: the communication was excellent, the shipment came here in Finland in three days (they ship from UK), the item was as described, and of course the prices are very reasonable, too. They have quite a lot of new stuff coming in their store, so check it out!

14 thoughts on “Boot straps

  1. oh, a friend of mine got some like those a few years back and i've always wanted a pair since then – i just never found any.. so thanks for the link!!

  2. Fröken lila: I had the same problem! For the past year I have searched and searched these from every gothic/biker/heavymetal shop in Finland but had no luck what so ever. I also tried to look online but it turned out I was looking with completely wrong search words such as "calcars" or "spurs" (you know the ones that coyboys and sherifs use in the wild West). I was even thinking of making them myself but then I found these, thanks to Aurora's blog where I found out their real name. The rest of the story you already know and now I'm the happy owner of the boots straps. 🙂 I'm also happy I could be of help!!:)

  3. Salka: Meinasin itse tehdä nuo ensin DIY:nä, mutta niille olis tullut hintaa enemmän sillä tavalla + matskuja on vaikea saada. Mut ainahan sitä voi yrittää!:) Toki tuo tarjous kannattaa myös hyödyntää. 😉

  4. That's so cool! I did envy them on Aurora, and before her on Marie at Fashion Tale, but with your boots they really went straight through my heart! And since there'sa discount, I just might have to use the opportunity. So thank you! 🙂

  5. Those boot straps are so so beautiful !! I'm going to check them out now :)And those velvet looking pants are beautiful ❤

  6. just pari viikkoa sitten auroran postauksesta innostuneena kuumottelin noita itsekin eBaystä. Pitäisköhän nyt sit alen myötä laittaa tilaukseen..

  7. Maria: No problem and that's nice to hear. 🙂 I knew you would be interested. ;)Valencia Lia: Thank you and I'm happy to hear that you like them! You can see more of the corduroy/velvet pants and the boot straps in my latest post!rosa: Kiitos kovasti! Ovat yhdet mun lemppareista, niin mukavat kävellä. :)Agatizka: Yeah they are! They make all my boots look so much cooler. :)Tuhlaus: Ei muuta kun tilaukseen vaan! Mietin itse, että ostaisin noiden rinnalle ne hieman ronskimmat missä on ne sellaiset spike-niitit, mutta pitää nyt katsoa. 🙂 Niistä kun tulee niin Louboutin-vibat…it's not her, it's me: I'm glad you like my blog. I'll check those out for sure!

  8. Hey! I'm always a fan of re-vamping my wardrobe with simple and versatile items, and shoe jewels are some of my faves! You've probably heard of them, but the girls at Litter ( , ) create amazing investment pieces! I think their delicate industrial aesthetic may or may not suit your own..Anyways, great blog!~Evey

  9. PUNKIE: You totally should, you would rock them!:)Anonymous: Yeah, I've heard of Litter and I really like their designs.:) I would like to purchase something from their collection but they are a wee bit on the expensive side…

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