Turn on the bright lights

This weekend consisted of seeing good bands, reckless partying, taking hundreds of photos, laughter, crashing the backstage, hanging out with friends, and finally getting home on Sunday at 6AM from a crazy after party including a topless man and spin the bottle. I’ve also had the pleasure to hang out with the sweet Essi from the Fashion Overdose, as she crashed our pad during the MOP festival which overtook this city from Thursday to Saturday.
Essi and I have talked about fashion and blogging for hours and hours, luckily she didn’t get annoyed about the fact that I tend to become a chatter box when I’m passionate about something. Now my sleep deprived body needs its rest, so I’ll let Friday’s outfit pictures open a window to this busy weekend of mine. More pictures to come in the following posts, so stay tuned!

Pictures by Essi

Dress: Velour
Leather jacket: JSFN
Shoes: Skopunkten
Clutch: Vintage
Snow pea-pod necklace: Ann Demeulemeester

10 thoughts on “Turn on the bright lights

  1. I am amazed by the way this dress is simultaneously formal and rock-chic! You styled it so perfectly that it makes me want a similar dress and I will solve all me black-tie dress code disasters 🙂

  2. Domennie: Yours looks lovely as well and yes, they are quite similar. :)Valencia Lia: Thank you! I was on the look out for a black relaxed yet sophisticated dress that I could wear all those times when I got nothing to wear. It works!:)Zel: You should totally get one! I think you can find some on discount at the moment. :)Eeva: Kiitos kovasti!:) Ostin omani Tampereen Gallant Clothesisin alennusmyynneistä, mutta sillä liikkeellähän on myös nettikauppa eli sieltä vois ehkä bongailla. En ole varma myykö Helsingissä mikään liike Velouria (tietääkö kukaan?), mutta ainakin Tukholmasta sitä löytää monestakin paikasta. :)Frickys: Thank you! 🙂 Oh yes, this dress is definitely both! It looks formal on the front side but the back side is actually quite relaxed and rock chic. I should take some more pictures of it, so you get the point. 🙂 I bought it to save me from all the "what to wear?" -situations and it has served me well for the past few weeks. :)PUNKIE: Thank you so much!:)Helen: Yeah it does look like it a bit! I also get native Indian vibes from it, kinda looks like a canoe or something. 😀 It's actually a snow pea-pod. The dress is really nice and so so comfy, you can really wear it to any occasion. 🙂

  3. etkö voisi mitenkään kirjottaa tonne alapuolelle vaikka vaan lyhennetysti suomeks, ku sun blogi on on tosi ihana, mutta mun on vaikea ymmärtää joitaki sanoja.

  4. Anonymous: Kiitos, jotenkin ihanan hellyyttävä kommentti! 🙂 Olen miettinyt sitä kyllä, mutta tekstin tuottaminen englanniksi vie jo sellaisenaan paljon aikaa, joten en ole jaksanut sitten tehdä enää sepustusta suomeksi. Tässähän on tietysti hyvä paikka opetella kieltä lisää, vaikka sitten sanakirjan avulla. 🙂 Aina voi toki kysyä, jos jää jotain epäselvää noista teksteistä. Vastaan kyllä suomeksi. 🙂

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