Somebody lurks in the shadows

Ten points to the reader who guesses what I therapy shopped from the online discounts a few weeks ago. This amazing designer piece is hanging on my clothing rack at the moment, and will get it’s premier this weekend at the Monsters of Pop festival. If you are in the Tampere area, MOP is definitely something worth checking out!

More about this grey, shadowy dream piece to come. Now I’m off to watch one of the best TV-shows at the moment which goes by the name True Blood. Fits the mood of this garment perfectly.

21 thoughts on “Somebody lurks in the shadows

  1. Wow, I read your post right after watching the latest episode of True Blood! :)So, are you team Eric or team Bill?

  2. Rick Owensin Dark Shadow -"toppi"/tunika/minimekko, mikä lie. Mulla on samanlainen "maaston"vihreänä. Jumalattoman hieno.

  3. I would also guess that it's something by RO. Looks cool.Eh, I'm obsessed with True Blood atm. I kinda like Bill and Sookie together, but otherwise I'm team Eric… I haven't had a crush on a tv character since um… agent Cooper?

  4. Laura L: Hey, I want Bill and Sookie to stay together, because .. well .. erm, I want Eric for myself.I have had a tv character crush since Dale, though.Gaius Baltar from Battlestar Galactica.

  5. Ranna: Haha.. hmm..I like Bill because he is like an anti-vampire, being so nice and all. On the other hand, I think Eric is much more interesting as a character and I can't wait to see what happens with her and Sookie. ;)Lada: Something like that, you'll see at MOP and of course in here, too. :)stellagee: Yup! Baby's first Owens piece. 😉 Thanks! Enjoy NY!Ulrika: This garment is so beautifully crafted, more about that later. 🙂 I love anything that deals with vampires and when it's made with good taste like True Blood, I'm so hooked!Anna-Kaari: Mekko se on, mutta siitä lisää myöhemmin. 😉 Kiva kuulla, että täällä on muitakin Owens-faneja paikalla. ;)Laura L: You're right! 😉 Me neither, agent Cooper was so hot tot tot! I think True Blood is the most spookiest show since Twin Peaks, for sure.Ranna: Haha, I love how there is a TB chat in my comment box, cool!:)

  6. Anna-Maria: Haha! :DTo continue the chat:Funny, I don't find True Blood spooky at all!It's more campy (in a good way!) than scary for me. :)I'm still creeped out by Twin Peaks, though!I can't stand to listen the scrathy sound of LP's, when they have been played through. It freaks me out.

  7. Re: True BloodI think TB is just damn sexy! And probably a bit campy too, yeah :D. But I've loved vampire stuff since I saw Interview with the Vampire.And Ranna, I guess we'll have to share him then…

  8. Ranna: Creepy was maybe the wrong word but it's quite thrilling. Like leaves you on suspence each time. 🙂 I'm still creeped out by Twin Peaks as well! The midget part was the creepiest thing ever, you know when he was talking backwards…oh what horror!Anonymous: Tuo osoittaa vaan sen, että et taida oikein tajuta mun huumoria…Laura L: Interview with the vampire was great! There was this old vampire show back in the 90's that used to scare the hell out of me but I have been able to find any information on it anywhere. I remember that the people were talking in English though. Does anyone know what it could be?

  9. Re: VampiresI actually hated Interview with the Vampire, when I saw it.I thought it was very poorly written, and even the actors seemed to be constantly confused by the script.It looked pretty, though!I can't recall any vampire shows from the 90's, (except for Buffy, hehee) but it would be interesting to know what it was!

  10. Ranna: Yeah I liked the whole scenery and athmosphere of the movie. A bit like with Marie Antoinette (although I loved the movie too). You know, I was actually able to find the show that I was talking about!!! I better download this, if it's possible…Then there was the she-wolf in London which was quite scary too!

  11. Jonkun blogin kommentissa kerroit ostamistasi trenssisadetakeista. Olisiko mitenkään mahdollista, jos esittelisit ne jossain postauksessa?

  12. Nice piece! I both a pair of pants from Rick Owens this weekend and they are lovely! Looking forward to see the piece on you!

  13. Anonymous: Jaa-a, siihen menis varmaan aika monta tuntia, että löydän ne porukoiden ullakolta ja toisaalta, en edes tiedä onko viety jonnekin varastoon tms., koska en ole niitä vuosiin taas nähnyt. Pitää katsoa, jos joskus ehtis kaivelemaan varastoja…Jos ne on kunnossa, niin voisin vaikka myydä ne.Pink Links: Heh, yeah it is. It's Rick Owens DRKSHDW dress. :)Ida: Thanks! Your pants sound cool, I wanna see more!:)

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