Hope against hope

On Monday I woke up to an irritating sound which signaled me that unfortunately my summer holiday was now officially over, and it was time to get back to work. At the same time, I mentally prepared myself for the fact that during the weekdays “dressing in whatever I want” -phase was over, and the “dressing in the dullest pieces of your closet” -phase was back. Don’t get me wrong, at least we get to wear jeans and sort of relaxed clothes at work; a full on dress code would be a total devastation for me. Even so, getting back to work is always an inspiration killer. All I’m saying is that thank God for weekends, I don’t know what I would do without those guys. 
Talking about what’s “not fit for the office”, I sported this outfit last Saturday. The Rodarte inspired fishnets (or rather spidernets) are something “new”; I got them from Stockholm in June but haven’t introduced them until now. Tomorrow I will introduce some more of my new acquiries, I’ve actually burned out my credit card by online shopping to ease the pain. There is no better therapy than shopping, or how you say?

Bra: the Great Blazer Bra by Lindex
Zipper skirt: MTWTFSS
Tights: H&M
Wedge shoes: Vagabond
Bag: Second hand
Scissor necklace: Ann Demeulemeester
Shield ring: Kalevala Koru

P.S. Don’t forget my blog’s birthday competition!

14 thoughts on “Hope against hope

  1. Just love your hair ! I totally understand the difficulty you may feel in the mornings (or I don't know, evenings when you choose your outfit for work)…After having worked on a movie shoot this spring and thus wearing jeans+sneakers+warm winter coat for nighttime shooting for months, I returned to another kind of job in the beginning of the summer, let's say "office work". At work, the casual chic is ok ; but it still is more restricted than my normal looks.Also, it's very hot here so the clothing has to be accurate for the temperatures but decent enough for work – though we do have AC that works so not sweating like pigs neither…BUT ; as encouragement for you, I think you can re-embrace your looks from the spring – Margiela tops, black pants/skirt, your super multiform cardis, the 80's blazers etc… and wear it "up" to your inner style with all those splendid shoes that "break the rules" ! I definately wait the fall to come here too, it bores me a bit to be wearing summer this long…

  2. amazing spidernets! i wish i had the legs to pull those off…although i cannot really relate to your problem (my only experience with restricted work dresscode was at the gap…) i can imagine the pain you're going through. have strength, girl!

  3. Hello, I found this blog surfing the net and I got the say that i really like it, love your outfit, it happens the same with me, I cannot wear what i want to work but at least i can wear jeans and so on, i think too it kills creativity, so im longing for the weekends to come as soon as possible! Have a great day, kisses!

  4. I was just bragging how I'm quite satisfied with my wardrobe for autumn, no special needs, but NOW I NEED those tights!!!At this moment, I'd be quite happy with any kind of a steady job (=steady income), never mind the dresscode, so can't really relate…

  5. I greatly sympathize your problem. I've been working all summer, and I've wanted to die of boredom (and heat). On one of the last days at work I heard, that shorts were considered inappropriate to work. I had worn shorts pretty much everyday for those two months…Now I'm just happy it's fall again, and I get to dress however the hell I want at school :DAnd I love how you're working those spidernets, they look awesome!

  6. Anna- you look awesome and badass at the same time. love the peek of that bra from the side-it looks pretty super. those tights must be a bitch to get on. I think stolen girlfriends club has something similar but for like over 100 bucks for tights? no thank you!Anyway, the real reason for my comment is to tell you that you should take more full face/frontal shots. you're stunning, my dear! and your new hairstyle is def growing on me:)

  7. Oh, dear, I know what you mean… I always end up uninspired even for the weekends after days of work.And those tights… OMG, I have been eying them on the website, definitely getting a pair next month!!! You are gorgeous as always and that slouchy tank top is perfection!!!

  8. Yes yes, shopping gives me joy and makes me happy ! Sometimes I go get my card maxed out as well .Its normally caused by online shopping !Wooooo,I LOVE your tights ! with those shoes,just lovely !

  9. oh man, don't get me started about uniform!i FINALLY got myself into a fashion career and im made to wear uniform (wtf!??) when in my previous non-fashion jobs i was encouraged to show off my own style. totally the worst thing about my new job… sniff…

  10. Cafe noir: Thanks!:) I think that's what I'm going to have to do, and that suits me just fine. 🙂 Luckily, the fashion at the moment supports this sort of formal business chic style, so I think I'll be alright. And life is not a party 24/7, so I have to adjust to wearing things down during weekdays, anway. Sad but true… :)Stellagee: Thanks, though I'm unsure if I have the legs to pull them off either, yet I wear them anyway! 😀 I envy your position, getting to wear what you want. Thanks for the support!:)Maria G: Cool, and welcome to Fashion Flux!:) I'm glad to hear that there are others with this same dilemma, we cannot wear what we want but at least we can share the pain, right? 🙂 Weekends are so important to me, it's when the real me comes out of the shadows. ;)Virpi: Thanks! I so know what you mean! My old manager at my old job (which had actually much more relaxed attire) was making evil remarks when I wore shorts to work. Others wore like jogging pants which I think is much more unprofessional than nice, chic shorts. Personally, I think that manager was just jealous cause she couldn't pull that look off. 😀 I wish I could go back to school, you're lucky!Linda Sofia: Kiitti! Ei muuta kun Hennesiin kärkkymään näitä. 🙂 En oo tosin Suomessa törmännyt tuohon versioon, mutta samantyylisiin kylläkin. :)Domennie: Thank you!:)Jennie in Los Angeles: Awws, thank you babes! I'm glad you like it. Those tights are not too hard to get on (of course you gotta be careful) but they actually leave funny marks on your toe area when you take them off haha.. 100 bucks for tights? I don't think so Sonny Jim! Heh. These cost like 9.90€ or something, so they were dirt cheap compared to those SGC ones. Thanks, I shall try to take more frontal shots from now on. 🙂 Hope all is well over there!Frickys: I knew you would understand, we are soul sisters in this area (and in hair area too hehe). 🙂 You can still pull off such nice office looks, here in Finland it's impossible because not only the work but the weather is so restricting, too. Sucks big time. The tights are great, you should def. get a pair!:)Valencia Lia: Thank you. 🙂 Me too! Actually I do that with two of my credit cards.. I'm so bad, so so bad. 😀 Luckily I'm ok now with payments and everything. But shopping (esp. online) so much fun and it makes you feel better, so what can a girl do?;)Anna: Kiitos kovasti! Nää pääsee vielä monesti jalkaan, lupaan. :)Chloe: What?? I guess the grass is not always greener on the other side then…I'm really sorry to hear that, hopefully you can somehow bring your personal style to the uniform they make you wear. All the best to you!:)

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