Smells like teen spirit

Yesterday I had a rather grungey day second hand shopping in this floral dress spiced up with layers and combat boots. I got this dress back in 2006 from a Goodwill store in California, knowing that 90’s would definitely be the next step after the whole blown out 80’s boom. For some reason I’ve only worn this dress a few times which is truly a pity because every time I do, I get a lot of compliments from people (particularly from men -> no granny association = weird!). Wearing it now I felt a bit bad that I haven’t shown this piece the light of day all summer, especially when in my mind floral patterns above all, are so tied up to the season. Well, there are a few summer days left, so I will make sure you will see more of this dress very soon. Especially, when my next purchase will be the white Dr. Martens.
So, last night this grungey outfit turned also into my party ensemble at Club Vintage’s 90’s night. It was once again rather nostalgic to dance to the old hits in a gear that makes you feel like you stepped right out of an episode of My So Called Life, and would be heading to Jordan Catalano’s band practice. If you are not familiar with the TV-show, I recommend getting to know Angela, Rayanne, Rickie, Brian and Jordan, merely for the inspirational reasons. I promise you won’t regret it!

Dress: Second hand
Leather jacket: JSFN
Hooded vest: Two percent 2%
Cycling shorts: MTWTFSS
Combat boots: Kenkärepo
Studded bag: Zara

Ring: Kalevala Koru

20 thoughts on “Smells like teen spirit

  1. strange coincidence:just before reading your blog i watched an episode of "my so-called life" online, and i had not watched a single episode since it was on tv in the 90s. weird.sweet dress!

  2. Just love the dress!Oh, and about My So Called Life, just love it! Well.. the worse partis that it's over.. for a long time!

  3. Jennifer: Kiitos kovasti, grunge on yksi lempparityyleistä. :)Jessica: Thanks! Yeah, it's a nice print. The black background makes it less girly and the colors to pop out, which is good. ;)Anonymous: That's strange (but cool) and thanks! I downloaded the whole show myself, such great memories! :)Anna: Thanks! I can't wait to get the white Docs!Anonymous: Käytössäni on Canonin G9 digipokkari. Siinä on 12 megapikseliä ja joitakin järkkärin ominaisuuksia. Mieleni tekisi kuitenkin oikeaa järkkäriä. Canon, sponsseja otetaan vastaan!;)Frazoa, Filipa: Thank you so much! Yeah, it's such a pity they only made one season because that show was so great (I can still relate how it felt to be a junior in high school back then, *sigh*). I guess Clare Danes' movie career started so they didn't want to continue to a second season without her. But we can watch those old eps and get inspired and nostalgic again!:)Myriam: Thank you!:)

  4. kauniit kenkulit. Ja takkikin näyttää uskomattoman ihanalta. JA ihan pakko kehua tota "neitikesäheinä"-tyylistä kuvaa, jonka laitoit pari postausta taakke päin: MITEN SULONEN!XXX

  5. My so called life oli yks mun lempparisarjoista silloin kun se tuli. Mulla oli silloin ihan samanlaiset hiukset kuin Angelalla ja pukeuduin farkkuhaalariin. Oi niitä aikoja!

  6. I love the way you finished the look! The print of the dress is lovely and sweet, but the leather jacket and the boots change the feeling…Love it!!

  7. My so Called life was the best! I just loved that series. Can't say more than I'm stuck in the 90ties my way that is. Too much black and way to many 90ties shoes 😉

  8. Mä linkkasin suhun yhessä ihan tyhmässä jutussa…älä säikähä, sun huumori varmaan kestää sen. Tuli vaan tosta sun susipaidasta mieleen muutama muukin juttu :)En siis kirjottanut mitenkään pahalla tai halventaakseni. Sano jos se on susta liian piikittelevää, poistan sen ❤

  9. Such an awesomely grunge-ish outfit. At first I was resistant to the whole 90's comeback but you and others are making it look so good! Well done.

  10. Dea: Kiitos kovasti. Juu, Lapissa oli ihanat maisemat kuvailuun, harmi vaan että itikat häiritsi meidän kuvailua..Georgia: I will start wearing it more often for sure. Thank you. :)Ee: Niin munkin! Oli oma elämäntilanne hyvin lähellä sarjan tapahtumia, joten sarja kosketti tosi paljon. Vaadin kuvia sun Angela look-a-likesta!:)Wreckedstellar: Thanks!:)Chisicmo: Thanks Maria, I'm glad you like it too!Maria: I know but it's okay cause he is so damn hot!;) Thanks!Ida: Yeah it was! I'm exactly the same. I love that 90's has come back now in a more fresh form. 🙂 Next I have to download Beverly Hills 90210 (the old and original one, not the stupid new one).Elsa: Joo ei haittaa, ymmärsin sen jujun. :)Lydia: Thanks! 🙂 Yeah I was kind of scared of it at first (thinking about all the gross stuff) but now I love it. So much nostalgia!

  11. i've noticed a grunge theme coming back too, and i'm really into 8s and 90s rock bands at the moment – i think i'll be looking a bit rock'n'rollish this autumn-winter season: leather trousers, tight jeans, band tees, waistcoats, fur coats, scarves, boots etc, can't wait! x

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