In the country

I feel like I’ve fallen out of the whole blogosphere by dissapearing to the Finnish Lapland for the past five days. Spending some time at my family’s summer cottage in Lapland was truly a relaxing experience: I went fishing, picking blueberries and cloudberries, running into the lake from the sauna, met up with my relatives and just laid in the hammock watching the clouds go by. I guess my inner country girl needs to be released once in a year but as for the rest of the 360 days, I’m a city girl dyed-in-the-wool.

Dress shirt: MTWTFSS
Rubber boots: Kontio

10 thoughts on “In the country

  1. Nice to hear from you ! Love the dress ; and tha hair, actually… Think I haven't commented in ages, so…

  2. awww fishing and picking blueberries… i need a bucolic retreat too! i bet it was great, especially when you were looking that stylish 🙂

  3. kaunista. mäkin olen täysin maalaistunut ja huomaan, että kaupunkiin tullessani en malta odottaa kunnon suihkua, korkkareita ja ihmispaljoutta kaupungilla. citygirl, yup.

  4. hm…someone likes fishing too!:) Sometimes it's really a great way to relax!I'm in Helsinki now and I'm getting pleasure being close to nature(after Saint-Petersburg even Helsinki is like a country side for me)

  5. oh my goodness! i love your toes! (the paint, not a foot fetish type :P). Are they professionally done or stenciled?

  6. Ulrika: Thanks!:) I also love how they turned out, Finnish Lapland is such a beautiful place.Cafe noir: Welcome back!:) Thanks! Yeah, finally the hair works in my favor and I've really started to like it, too.Ines: It was a bucolic retreat for sure! Such therapy for the mind and soul to be away from the city life for awhile. Thanks!:) I actually don't have any "ugly outdoorsy clothes", so even in the country side I try to manage with whatever I have in my closet. ;)Stellagee: Maalla on mukavaa, ainoa haitta vaan on ne pirkuleen hyttyset! Mulla on jalat ihan järkyttävillä mustelmilla, kun yritin hakata hyttysenpuremia pois saunassa saunavihdalla. 😀 Oli kyllä kiva palata kaupunkiin juurikin lämpimään suihkuun ja ihmispaljouteen, vaikka olisihan tuolla Lapin luonnossa voinut viettää vaikka toisenkin viikon. :)Nataly R: When I was a kid I used to fish a lot but I haven't done it in ages. My cousin and her bf encouraged us to try it again, and it was actually so relaxing that we did it almost everyday! Hopefully you have a good time in Helsinki!:) Let me know if you are ever in Tampere.Auri: Voi, kiitos kovasti!:) Sitä tunnelmaa juuri haettiin näihin kuviin. Harmittaa, ettei kaunis punamullattu mökkimme päässyt kuviin mukaan.Dumbbrunette: Thank you!:) My cousin had this weird set with her that you can make those white figures. They are kind like stencils, you make them with this metal plate and a rubber stamp type device. With quick googling I found this: (check the video) and it shows how they are done. I don't know where she got the thing but it works pretty well!:)E: Thank you. The landscape is very lovely in Lapland. :)Styledrop: Hehe, joo sama juttu! Kalassa oli niin kivaa pitkästä aikaa! Olisinkohan viimeksi 10-vuotiaana kalastanut, joten oli korkea aika taas kokeilla sitä.

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