Darlin don't you go and cut your hair

After a long hesitation and weighing the pros and the cons, I finally cut my hair! Not trying to jump on the “Hollywood bob” bandwagon or anything but shorter hair just feels so fresh right now. It has a touch of Debbie, a bit of Pat, a hint of Karen and a slice of Siouxie; all pretty powerful ladies of their decade. I can’t decide if shorter hair makes me look younger or more mature but it’s definitely edgy in a classy way; just like my style.
Speaking of style, I feel like I’m already in my fall uniform by wearing pants and these muted colors. I blame it on the weather; one moment it’s raining and sunny the next, so you never know how to dress accordingly. I usually end up wearing either too much or too little. Can’t they just decide if it’s summer or not, for Pete’s sake?

T-shirt: Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair
Cardigan: H&M
Pants: Monki
Shoes: Vagabond
Bag: Saddler
Necklace: Ann Demeulemeester

23 thoughts on “Darlin don't you go and cut your hair

  1. Your hair is just lovely and looks so agreeable! Like it'll do what it's told easily.I'm very fond of those Monki pants. They really suit the entire outfit, and oh I envy that Anne Demeulemeester necklace.

  2. ur hair looks so beautiful, i only wish i could look as good as u with short hair! i also love ur clothes 🙂 u have an amazing style.

  3. Hyvältä näyttää! Ja siitä löytyy vielä se rento tuuheus josta hiuksissasi olen tykännyt 🙂

  4. congrats on the hair, it looks great and very "you"! im also really getting into 'plain' colours for next season, lots of neutral greys and creams and beige – colours i wouldn't usually imagine for myself! its cool to discover that you like new things, isn't it!? kisses!

  5. Ihania kuvia, oot hirmu kaunis ! Harmi etten jaksa lukea tekstiä kun se on tuolla sivistyneemmällä kielellä : D Ja tukka on ihana ! Saanko tulostaa sun kuvan ja viiä sen kampaajalle? Haha

  6. Sugar Kane: Ah, I should have used those Blondie lyrics as the title hehe. 🙂 Thanks!:)Stella: Awws, thanks babe!:)Christina: It is quite manageable after the cut!:) The Monki pants are super comfy and light weight, I think they re-issued these puppies this year.Jasmin: Thanks!:)Cocorosa: Thank you so much!:)Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY!: Thank you! I like them too. :)Frickys: Good to hear that.:) Thanks!Styledrop: Thanks, I'm glad people seem to like it. 🙂 At least I know I didn't make a mistake hehe..Missrose: Thank you! I mainly wear muted tones, black, white and grey. I'm not so much into colors but I have integrated some orange, powder pink and brown shades into my closet this year. :)PinkBow: Thanks!:)Nancy: Thanks, me too. I love pants with paper bag waist. :)Olivia: Aww, thanks. I'm sure you would look good with short hair!:)Hanna Persson: Sounds good! I guess hair cuts are the thing this year. 😉 Thank you. :)Sarakissa: Kiitos kovasti!:) Juu rennot nämä ovat ja lisää tuuheutta saa tosiaan tuolla kerroksittaisella leikkauksella. :)Clareassiral: Thank you so much. :)PUNKIE: Thank you. The necklace is my fave!:)Chloe: Thank you. 🙂 Ahh, yes, I'm all into the blacks and greys and hint of beige once in awhile. 😉 It's great to discover new things, I have actually discovered some colors this year, which is strange!:)Modazkrakowa: Thank you very much!:)C'est moi: Thanks!:)Y: Voi kiitos kovasti!:) Yritän kirjoittaa niin yksinkertaista tekstiä kuin vain mahdollista. Tämä juttu käsitteli lähinnä mun uutta tukkaa. 🙂 Tottakai saat tulostaa, olen ihan mielettömän otettu!:)

  7. i just found your blog and love it! for the last 2 weeks i've been contemplating cutting my hair short- choppy and a tad longer than chin length. your hair looks sooo great- tempts me more to cut it!

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