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I colored my hair the other day, it’s a bit more dark brown now and more closer to my natural hair color. The hair dye should fade in about 24 washes but let’s see how long it will last. I’ve been asked about how I do my hair a couple of times now, so I thought I’d let you in on my secrets.

Specs: Monki

My hair is naturally wavy, so basically the waves you see in my hair are all au naturel. However, to get them even more curly, after a wash I usually squeeze the wet hair with a towel here and there to create curly locks. I like to towel dry my hair and never really use a blow dryer, unless I’m in a hurry. This way my hair dries wavy, yet manageable.

 As you probably have noticed, sometimes I like to wear my hair shorter in a 1920’s style soft bun (with a messy rock twist of course), and to achieve this look I simply gather some hair in a bun on the back, add some bobby pins to hold the bun, loose some strands of hair from the back and sides by pulling and lifting them with my fingers. Then I add either some spray-in moisturizer or curling balm to achieve the curly volume and voila, the hairdo is done. Very rarely do I use a straightining iron to get my bangs a bit like the 70’s style.

My haircare products usually consist of any shampoo and conditioner you can get from your local super market (such as L’oreal El Vital or Pantene) but since I’ve been handed a few free products, I’ve moved towards professional salon products. Lately my hair has been washed and conditioned with John Frieda’s “Brilliant Brunette Shine Release” which I’ve grown to like quite a bit, due to the fact that my extremely dry hair feels so soft and manageable after the wash. Afterwards I have added either Kadus’ “Slalom Curl Balm” or 4R’s “Moisture Mist“; a moisturizing conditioner spray which my hairdresser recommended and usually travels with me everywhere I go. For shine I add “Shine Drops” by Generic Value Products which you can find at Sally’s in the States. They are actually a less expensive version of Paul Mitchell’s Gloss Drops, if anyone is wondering what the heck am I talking about. Recently I have discovered a very similar product from L’oreal called “Lumino Contrast Nutriceride” which works just as good. The orange bottle in the picture is the latest addition to my collection and it’s actually very handy when you want to create natural looking waves and more volume in your hair. The product is called “Salt Spray” by Fudge. I think you can get most of these products from your local hair salon.

Some of you readers have encouraged me to try a more radical look but believe me: been there, done that. I’ve grown to like this more natural look that creates a softer tone for me and brings contrast to my otherwise so harsh style. Bangs are also a must for me, basically can’t live without them, so they will stick and stay no matter what. However, I think I am in a need of a trim, so maybe something other than this very minor coloring operation might be happening on the hair front. We’ll see…

12 thoughts on “Hair play

  1. Rakastan Salt Sprayta ja kaikkia vastaavia! Munkin tukka saa pitkälti vaan olla, mutta se johtuu lähinna laiskuudesta! Kivat hiukset sulla!xx

  2. musta sulle käy ihanasti tuollainen pikkaisen huolettomampi hiusmalli. kuten sanotkin, niin sopivaa kontrastia, kun sun tyyli on muuten niin virtaviivainen ja sleek. kunnon kulmikkaalla tukalla saattaisi vaikutelma olla turhankin laitetun oloinen.

  3. Yay! Thank you for doing this post! I was hoping that maybe you could include a picture of what the back of your head looks like? so I can see how you do the bun portion? I such at hair styling. You're so lucky you have those natural waves, I've been in the market to get a straighter curler that's wave shaped to achieve a similar look. Bangs are a definite must for me too, even though my mother likes to tell me I look better with out them. I'm not sure I agree with you. I think you'd proabably look pretty good with or with out them.

  4. ugh.. I should have proof read before hand. It's supposed to read"I'm not sure I agree with my mom" lol. and that I suck at hairstyling. geeze. It's late here and I'm sleep deprived. and that's "straightener or curler".

  5. Tiltumaria: Se kyllä toimii yllättävän hyvin ja sillä sää aikaan tosi kivat surffilaineet. Heh, osittain on mullakin laiskuutta, mutta sellainen rentous ja huolettomuus on just coolia. :DTiiti: Kiitos ja kiva kun ymmärrät mitä ajan takaa!:) En halua olla loppuun asti huoliteltu, vaikka joku lyhyt Kate Lanphearmainen tukka olisikin ihan mahtava, tosin ei vaan mulle. :DJennie: Heh, I kinda figured about the spelling errors and understood what you had in mind, no worries. I added a link to a photo I took of my bun, so now you can see how I attach it with the pins etc. My mom always tries to push my bangs to the side and says "you should show your pretty eyes more often" but I like my bangs long and shaggy. I guess it creates sort of mystery to my look. ;)Elizabeth Bennet: Yeah it works really nicely! I love the kind of surf hair effect it gives you. 🙂

  6. we seem to have the same hair, except mine is all one length (except for bangs too). Its funny how sometimes wavy hair is much more unmanageable than straight or curly

  7. meillä on aika samanlaatuiset kuontalot, vaikka omani on (kai) vaalea. mäkin olen kamppaillut hiusmallin luomien kontrastien kanssa: hyvin graafinen tukka vaatii tiettyä simppeliyttä vaatteissakin, mutta liika vaikuttaa todella kovalta. toisaalta pehmeämpi tukka yhdistettynä pehmeämpään asuun muuttuu helposti todella tylsäksi. vaikiaa.sun hiusten sävy näyttää kauniilta.

  8. Eli: Oh yeah, you do!:) Almost the same cut too. Wavy hair is quite hard to manage, usually it's my wavy bangs that determine if it's a good hair day or not. 😀 I guess putting a lot of product and using good conditioner is the key to manage this hair.Stellagee: Totta puhut! Hankalaa sinänsä, kun mieli tekis leikata tukkaa jotenkin erikoisemmaksi, mutta toisaalta en halua antaa liian kovaakaan vaikutelmaa. Mietin, että voisin leikata sellaisen Jenny Humpfrey-fledan seuraavaksi, mutta tummanruskeana tietenkin. Katsotaan… 😉

  9. I have been looking for this product everywhere and I can’t find it anywhere Kadus Slalom Culry Curl Balm plz can u tell me where I can buy it thanks

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