Business as usual

I feel like the world’s most boring blogger for posting so un-fresh outfit with the same old shoes, same old jeans and same old cardigan but this week has been so busy that I’ve worn nothing but same old.

Cardigan: H&M
Wrinkled t-shirt: MTWTFSS
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Jacket: Diana Orving
Shoes: Global Essentials
Ring scarf: MTWTFSS
Bag: Saddler
Brooch: Some small designer, bought it in Sweden
Ring: Marc by Marc Jacobs


Since bullet points are the new “it” thing in blogs, I’m listing a couple of things that have kept me busy lately:

  • Organizing a blog party with Nelliina for 30 Finnish fashion bloggers in my home town Tampere. Who knew getting the place, food, sponsors, guest speakers, band and a DJ would such a huge task? Pictures to come after tomorrow!
  • Broken cars and the strike of the Finnish post office doesn’t make things any easier – just busier!
  • Wearing my new H&M cardi in 1000000 different ways. I never guessed it would be this versatile.
  • Finding new shooting locations. I’ve ventured from my back yard to the back alley.
  • I just booked plane tickets to Barcelona in June. Any good shops I should know about (something that fits my style)? I’m new to the city, so any suggestions are welcome.

Have a nice weekend!

23 thoughts on “Business as usual

  1. The shoes and jacket are gorgeous! Also I’ve fallen in love the zip skirt in your previous post. Very nice blog!xyara

  2. your outfits mint. so your from florida? i might have to ask a favour if you don’t mind.get in touch. annabelle x

  3. Odotan innolla sun raporttia blogibileistä :)Oi, Barcelona on mun unelmien kaupunki, olen hiukan kateellinen 🙂

  4. Thechicksgotstyle: Thank you so much. I’m glad you like my blog. :)Sarakissa: I really hope so. 🙂 You guys are just gonna have to wait and see. 😉 Until tomorrow..Maria: Aww, thanks!:) Yep, can’t wait!! I wonder how people’s expectations are about each other and how the reality meets them.Annabelle: Thanks! No, sorry, I’m from Finland. Tampa is in Florida, Tampere is in Finland. ;)Le Tasche: I love my jacket hehe. Thanks! I’m glad I can provide some ideas. :)Winda: Joo raporttia on luvassa!:) Yritän tässä just pähkäillä millainen postaus kannattais tehdä, ettei tule sitten 30 samanlaista joka tuutista. 🙂 En ole ennen käynyt Barcassa, mutta nyt vihdoin sinne pääsen. Se näyttää kyllä tosi kivalta, odotan niin kaunista arkkitehtuuria, shoppailua, hyvää ruokaa ja rantoja. Saatiin Tukholmasta tosi halvat lennot Czech Airlinesilta! Kannattaa tsekata aina myös se vaihtoehto ja siihen voi samalla yhdistää sitten Tukholman visiitin. 🙂

  5. ahh bloggers meeting, sounds sooo coolll, can I join :D? 😛 The only word I know in Finnish is Suomi and only because they're on the dictionary shelves on bookstores…. Well well, love your cardigan, I think you're taking H&M to the next level and making it something that not everyone wears by changing the method of wearing! you're so great at layering (yeshhh I learned to button my cardigan because of you ;))

  6. Ensin olin satavarma että tuo rintakoru on titiMadamin, ja olin aikeissa heittää kommenttia asiasta, mutta tarkistaessani asiaa huomasin, että olin väärässä. Hyvin samankaltainen on kuitenkin titiMadamin korujen kanssa, melkein plagioinniksi voisi luulla 😉 tuskinpa kuitenkaan ^^

  7. Barcelona is a great place for shopping!so cheap and amazing! I totaly recomend you to visit Uterque shop(address: Paseo de Gracia,65 bis)-it is located in the center of Barcelona and they make absolutely gorgeous bags and shoes for low prices but very good quality(leather bag costs nearly 150 euro) but the most amazing are accessorize that they make!Here are two bags from this shop that I own:

  8. I know what you mean! I feel like I rehash the same clothes over and over again in unoriginal manners sometimes. I guess when we love something so much, we’ve just gotta wear it!And you look great by the way. The pin is fresh!

  9. Barcelona on mahtava paikka, oon itse käynyt siellä kuusi kertaa. 🙂 Suosittelisin skippaamaan espanjalaiset ketjupuodit ja tutustumaan mieluummin El Ravalin, El Bornin ja Grácian kaupunginosien pikkuputiikkeihin, niistä löytyy paikallisten suunnittelijoiden uniikkeja töitä kohtuullisilla hinnoilla. Samoista kaupunginosista löytyy myös paljon kivoja kuppiloita ja ravintoloita.Omia suosikkejani paikallisista suunnittelijoista ovat Cecilia Sörensen (joka on alunperin suomalainen), jonka liike on Notariat-kadulla Ravalissa (kartassani se on nimellä Comité, mutta en ole ihan varma, onko se muuttanut nimensä Still Lightiksi, pitää tarkistaa jostain) ja Miriam Ponsa, jonka liike on Princesa-kadulla El Bornissa.Olen tehnyt Barcelona-oppaan Google maps -kartan muotoon, se löytyy tuolta:

  10. Tariro: Thanks!Shini: I wish you could! Haha, yes, Suomi means Finland in Finnish. Cute! I love love love this sweater because it doesn't look like normal H&M stuff at all. Thanks, layering is da bomb!;)I loved your version of the sweater buttoned all crooked!Reetr: Samaa näköä on, mutta plagioinnista tuskin on kyse. Ostin tuon korun muistaakseni viime vuoden tammikuussa Weekdaystä Tukholmasta ja olen nähnyt tuota korua jo vuonna 2007 samassa liikkeessä (ostin omani talvialesta, koska alkup. hinta oli jotain 60€). Se oli jonkun nuoren suunnittelijan (Ruotsista tai Tanskasta), mutta nyt en muista nimeä eikä korussakaan sitä lue. 😦 Pitääkin yrittää selvittää, että kuka on kyseessä. :)Nataly R: I love love love your bags! Thank you so much for the shopping tip, it will come handy when I go there in June!:)Christina: Thank you!:) That's so true, by playing with the item you can make it look so different that it brings fresheness to the outfit each time. Even though it sometimes doesn't seem like it from your own point of view. :DAnu: Ceciliasta olenkin lukenut, mutta tässä tuli tarkemmin tietoa putiikin sijainnista, kiitos. 🙂 Ja hei ihan sairaan hyvä tuo kartta, ihan mieletön homma ollut tuon tekemisessä. Suunnistankin sitten tuon perusteella Barcassa! Iso kiitos vinkeistä!:)

  11. Once again from a working trip, I come back to your blog to soothe my soul… Just wanted to comment here that you “same old” still dazzles me, great looks, style and ah so chic with your shiny dark red shoes. And your “it-bag”. Way to go girl !

  12. oooh, barcelona is amazing! i went two years ago with my boyfriend, its a great couples holiday, i hope you’re going with yours 🙂 we mostly did sightseeing and eating out rather than shopping – you should see ALL the gaudi stuff (words can’t describe his work) and i recommend taller de tapas, los caracoles and el convent for super-yummy meals (be prepared for a little wait before being seated, restaurants always seemed to be full!). get a guidebook -we used real city: barcelona by dk travel books- and a map and try to eat at places away from the ramblas because anything on the main tourist areas will be overpriced and not great quality – we made that mistake on the first couple of days and totally regretted it! im sure you’ll have a great time! kisses x

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