Sunday, bloody Sunday

I’ve literally slept an unbelievably large amount of hours these past few days because Friday’s festivity took its toll on me quite heavily. I guess I’m getting old considering I had to pass on Saturday’s club, that’s how exhausted I was. So, I’ve been lounging all weekend in my aged pink PJ pants and a tank top, laying and eating in bed watching UK’s celebrity Big Brother from the computer. Oh man, what a high life I have, haha. Since you probably wouldn’t want to see my lounging around outfit and I don’t want to really share it either, here is me wearing my Diana Orving spring jacket couple of weeks ago. Finally it’s been warm enough to wear this fella without too much heavy layering needed underneath. I’ve learned that the jacket is such a everyday lifesaver; whenever I feel boring or ordinary, the jacket totally lightens up the outfit and saves my day. That’s how you know it’s a very successful purchase.

Jacket: Diana Orving
Shirt: Marimekko
Sweater: Cheap Monday
Skirt: Monki
Shoes: Bullboxer
Bag: Saddler
Ring scarf: MTWTFSS
Gloves: Vagabond

23 thoughts on “Sunday, bloody Sunday

  1. Näytät kyllä aina niin hyvältä! Enkä koskaan kommentoi (miksen?) mutta seurailen sivusta hiljaa 🙂

  2. I just love the coat ; it truly makes its way and it is all by itself a real attitude statement ! But that wasn’t new of course… I liked it even with the winterly clothes. Now, it’s very pretty indeed with the mini, the ruffles get to show more, somehow. Take care now and have a good night’s sleep – tomorrow is a new day ! Don’t forget to drink a lot of water, only water… I must tell you that you’re so right with age and partying not being such a good combo ; but what can you do ? Sometimes it’s just plain necessary to let go and dance all night long… I’m sure you had a good time.

  3. My goodness, that jacket is amazing. you do black and grey soo well, and I can’t believe I’m still seeing snow there btw 😛

  4. La Tasche: It really does! I will never look boring again hehe. 🙂 Thanks!Ladyam: Voi kiitos. 🙂 Oi, aina saa toki kommentoida, kommentit on kivoja!:)Kay: Thanks! I did but it required like 12 hour sleep for two nights. 😀 I’m getting old. :(Tiltumaria: Kiitos! 🙂 Tämä on ihan lemppari takki.KB: Thank you. Haha, I know.. I’m such a BB UK fan! Vern is so cute and Coolio is so funny!Montse: Thank you! I fell it love with it too, it as love at first sight. ;)Nataly R: That’s very nice. :)Cherry pie: Hih, kyllä kyllä..Mukavan takapihalla ollaan, ainakin melkein. ;)Cafe noir: You’re right, the details show more with less layering underneath the jacket. Thanks for the tips. Water is very important after a heavy night of partying. And sleep of course too. I hope I’m not that old yet, I still want to attend many partys. ;)Shini: Thanks, black and grey is my kinda thing hehe. The pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago, now most of the snow has melted.. thank God. :)Anonymous: Kiva kuulla. 🙂 Kiitos!Aurora: Awws, thanks!:)

  5. that jacket is thirteen thousand kinds of fabulous. i only hope to stumble upon something similar. gorgeous!

  6. great look, love the color of course but the shape of the jacket is great and your blog is good.

  7. Jamie clare: Thank you so much!! I hope you find something similar too. :)Modazkrakowa: You guys are so lucky! It’s raining here.. :(Raych: Thank you!!:)

  8. jaiiiks toi takki on niin ihana että mun sydän itkee verta niin kauan kunnes se löytyy omasta vaatekaapista eli paljon tolla oli hintaa ku ostit sen 😦

  9. Lydia: Thank you, layers are my thing indeed. :)Linda Sofia: Voi kiitos. :)Aliliisa: Se maksoi -50% alennuksen jälkeen 125€. Ostettu Tukholmasta Jus-nimisestä liikkeestä. Saiskohan näitä netistä, who knows?

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