I often get remarks on how I resemble Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and I guess we share some similar features, especially when my hair used to be black and cut more abstract. I think Karen is cute and her fashion sense is phenomenal, so I’m very flattered by all these comments. Funny story is that I actually met her in L.A. a couple of years ago when my friends and I partied with her and Johnny Knoxville at L.A.’s best indie club called Part Time Punks (I can recommend that club to anyone visiting the city). She was very nice, at least of what I remember.
Anyway, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are now coming up with a new album called “It’s Blitz” and the first single “Zero” is already out. I seriously think that the hit song of the year has been born; I’m literally dancing here behind the screen right now. The only bad thing about this video is that it makes me miss California even more (it was shot in SF). For those of you who wonder why I tend to talk about Cali ever so often, it’s because my boyfriend is from SoCal and I’ve spent a good amount of time over there over the past 7 years that we have been together. The big plan is to move out there one day. But enough yapping about moi, here is the video for you guys to enjoy.

P.S. The new album has leaked and if you liked this song, you’ll love the whole album.

9 thoughts on “Zero

  1. "Does anyone know how to make the video not to play automatically? I've tried everything in my power with the HTML but nothing seems to work…sorry guys."Easy, use a clickable link instead of embed, or at least don't use the autoplay attribute in it..I suggest that _all_ users who have been surfing all these years without stopping flash & other players from automatically running take a look at either NoScript or FlashBlock extension for Firefox.It's about time for you to take control of YOUR browser & make the rules what you want to launch or not. Also AdBlock with rules is highly recommended.

  2. Lis: Aww, thank you! We were penpals since I was 14 and I went to meet him in the U.S. in 2001…We just hit it off then and there. :)Anonymous: Sorry this goes all past my comperehension. Was your comment meant to be an advertisement or something hehe? 😀 I’ve tried to stop the autoplay but it won’t work. I suck at html…Chicisimo: It actually takes a few secs to load and then it will work. 🙂 Perhaps in some browsers it won’t autoplay and you just gotta push play and wait. Let me know if it worked after waiting! 🙂

  3. Vähän aikaa meni tajuta kenen blogia olin lukemassa. Mutta toi youtuben videosta on poistettu se jakamisvaihtoehto niin kävin kattoo sen sieltä sitten. Siksi ainakin mulla tossa on pelkkä valkea aukko videon kohdalla…Mutta hyvältä kuulosti. Videokin oli kiva, teki mieli ruveta tanssimaan. 😀

  4. Hey the video is working now, I finally found an embedded version online!:)Emmanuelle: Heh, joo muutokset tekee aina hyvää. 🙂 Youtube oli persiistä, joten jouduin koodaamaan aluksi koodin itse..Löysin eilen valmiiksi embeddatun videon ja sen pitäisi nyt toimia ihan tässä blogissa. 🙂 Toi biisi todella laittaa tanssijalan vipattamaan!Milla: Thanks! Actually I’ve geeked these changes myself but I’m still waiting for Shini to help me a bit to make the text same width as the pics etc. 🙂

  5. Hi Anna, its pamela from California. I remember the night we met Karen O and Johnny Knoxville. We danced the night away. Its still mind blowing. I cant believe we met both on the same night. Lucky us. karen O was down to earth and not filled with all that Hollywood snobbery. I must agree with Lis. You look much better than Karen O.

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