We missed you hissed the lovecats

Today while I was reading the new Elle spring collections magazine I had a little assistant with me, my aunts cat. This is my favorite catwalk collections magazine due to it’s decent price; I don’t think I could ever afford buying those crazy 100 page fashion bibles that cost a fortune. The lack of Balmain’s and Givenchy’s presence was a surprise since the whole blogosphere, including myself, has been crazy about their spring collections. Anyway, the most interesting surprise was on page 71, where a familiar face popped up among the A-list street style queens.

Assistant: Fanni

7 thoughts on “We missed you hissed the lovecats

  1. Aw…now I miss my cat Fluffy. I’ll see him tomorrow though when I drive home! And this is random but your face sort of reminds me of Dita’s. Not exactly….just a bit, the face and hair, the lips…and some sort of air about both of you…sort of put together and stately.

  2. The cat is watching the magazine and I bet she is wondering “Is this fashion or is this girl from outer space..” 🙂

  3. I love that your cat truely seems to be interested in the collections!I always want to buy the Elle collections mag but I always want it when I’ve recently spent too much money on other magazines and so never actually purchase it haha

  4. your cat is so adorable… i have a pug. my family & i aren't a cat family but whenever i play with my friends cats i always come home asking for one!love dayna

  5. Anonymous: You are actually the second or third person who has said that. I take it as a compliment, Dita is so lovely!:) Cats are fun, although I’m more dog person myself.NinaV: Yeah, she is like what’s all this? I think she was more interested in how the paper smelled like. :DAnna: Jaa-a, täytyy kysellä mun tätiltä. 😉 Fanni oli vaan mulla lainassa…She’s dressing up: She is actually my aunt’s cat but yeah she does look interested. I think she was so curious about everything in our apartment. :DDaynacupcake: It’s not my cat but yep, Fanni is one adorable cat! She acts more like a dog than cat too. I love love love pugs (my favorite dog breed) and I will get one one day. Elle collections is the cheapest collections magazine but I usually have the same situation as you, I still end up getting it though. They run out so fast..Maija: Heheee. Fanni on kyllä ylisöpö. 🙂

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