Back to the backpack

Of what I’ve noticed, I’m not the only blogger who has lately been obsessed about the small backpacks. I used to be a huge fan of these guys in elementary school (I even made one by myself) and when the first signs of 90’s comeback came about two years ago, along with floral dresses and Doc Martens, I was so sure that soon it would be time to dig them out again. Unfortunately all the cool ones I used to wear back in the day are buried somewhere deep in my parent’s attic, so I had to wait until I found a decent second hand one. I got lucky about a week ago when this local second hand shop had its discount days and actually scored myself two small backpacks.

Shirt: Marlene Schön for Ellos
Skirt: Monki
Shoes: Fendi
Backpack: Second hand
Cuff: Leather Heaven
Ring: Kalevala Koru

This little fella has been with me at two clubs already but somehow I just forgot to shoot it with my outfits. It’s really versatile since you can wear it like this on one shoulder, or unzip the strap into two separate straps to wear it on both shoulders. Let me tell you, it’s so much easier to dance and walk with a backpack and it’s no wonder all those clubbers in the 90’s favored them. Today I wore mine just to run errands and paired it up with a skirt I purchased in Sweden but haven’t worn until now due to better weather conditions. Today it finally felt like spring is here!

12 thoughts on “Back to the backpack

  1. Not sure about this small bag pack trend. If I´ll find a cheap black leather small pack bag then I could give it a go. I just throw away my small bags which I had when I was young and I’m not lookin’ forward seeing them again, at least on me.

  2. Oh yes, there was very long time when I had never carried a purse. Fanny pack as a child then lots of cute backpacks up til about 17. Now I am hooked on purses. 🙂

  3. i love your style! always very put together!and i love your skirt!you should try to wear more color you are always in black and white because you can pull off almost anythingdedicated reader,deedee

  4. Voi ei, muistan nuo ihan liian vahvasti ala-asteajoilta! ihanan nostalgista.Ihan oman näköisesi repun onnistuit bongaamaan, enpä olisi uskonut että voisin sellaista jonkun päällä vielä ihailla 🙂 Hame on myös älyttömän kaunis!

  5. Tosi hieno reppu, mulla on vähän ikävä ruskeaa kokonahkaista pikkureppuani iloiselta 90-luvulta… Ja ihan mahtava toi kuva, jossa joku tyttö kävelee takana!

  6. That’s one amazing backpack, I think it’s so much cooler that the ones I can remember from the 90’s. The whole outfit is really great as well, I love those Fendis. I almost got a similar pair but then I didn’t and now I feel regret.

  7. Emma: Thank you!:) The skirt is great since I can wear it out and to the office. I think I’m gonna have to wear it again tomorrow. ;)Anonymous/deedee: Thank you so much! I think when it gets more springy here, I will add some color. I have so many pastel coloured clothes waiting for the weather to get warmer. It looks so strange to wear colors when there is still a lot of snow around; today it just snowed some more. :(Sarakissa: Nostalgista kyllä! 😉 Ala-asteella pikkureput oli ihan must, ne oli niin kätsyjä joka paikassa. Tuo reppu oli kyllä huippulöytö ja juurikin mun näköinen: tarpeeksi simppeli ja musta. 😉 Kiitos kovasti!Heini: Kiitos kaunis. 🙂 Fendit kustansivat muistaakseni n. 280 euroa lähetyskuluineen Italiasta. Eli ei kovin paha summa aidosta tavarasta. Kauppa oli joku eBayn kautta sesongin jämäkenkiä myyvä italialainen pikkuputiikki. 🙂 Kannattaa tsekata italian eBay eli ja hakea stivali pelle = nahkasaappaat, lisää vielä donna, niin löytyy naisten ja sitten tietty haluttu merkki perään.Sugar Kane: Oi, ruskea reppu olisi ihan mahtava!Joo toi kuva oli pakko valita niistä monesta, joita P otti. Se oli vaan niin hauska. :)Suna: Thank you. 🙂 I think the backpack might be from the 90’s, who knows.. Anyhow, it’s great and fits to my style. 🙂 These Fendis are a true find, hopefully you can find something similar. I feel ya, I also hate it when I let go of something that I really wanted, most likely I will regret it later on…

  8. Corrie: Indeed, it instantly caught my eye at the store due to its shape. Thanks!Annamari: Kiitos, taskut ovat pop! Ostin itse asiassa kaksi taskuhametta Ruotista. Pitääkin esitellä se toinen tässä joskus… Käytännöllisyys on kaunista, tuo hame on myös hyvin muuntuva arjesta juhlaan. 🙂

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