Jeepers Creepers

I’ve always felt a bit guilty for rocking my 4 inch heels when my boyfriend and I go out on the weekends. It so happens that we are almost the same height, making me a platform heeled giant compared to him. It doesn’t really bug him that much but somehow the situation is a bit unfair.
We have both actively searched for these crazy Rick Owens men’s heels which in my opinion, would look totally awesome on him. Prince (the musician) once stated that he “doesn’t wear heels because he’s short, he wears them because the ladies like it“, and I believe him. I just happen to be one those ladies who doesn’t see anything wrong with a guy wearing a bit of heel, why would it only be women’s right to do so? They guys did in the 70’s and there was nothing wrong about it back then, so why should it matter now? Rick Owens himself puts it this way: “As the suit gave Marlene Dietrich extra allure, high heels on a guy give him a reckless virility. If there’s an icy hauteur to a boxy black suit on a woman, there’s a good-natured middle finger to heels on a guy, as if to say, “I dare you to blink at me, mother fucker”“, and he is so right.


Picture via Mondo Medusa’s blog

While the search for the Owens heels continue in the wonderful world of fashion forums and online stores, I found something awhile back that might be a one step closer to solving our height difference: the Creepers. My boyfriend was hestitating at first (nostalgia issue, his brother had them in the 90’s) but after seeing more Creepers marching down the runway and us spending numerous hours on the internet searching for the right pair, these zipper Creepers came to our view. It was THE pair that he just couldn’t say no to.


The Creepers and image from Access That Rock online store

I have to say I’m actually really warming up for Creepers myself, I just have to find the right look and size. They would look great with skinny jeans, a band tee and a blazer. Add a little bit of red lipstick, messy hair and smokey eyes and you got the whole rock chic look down. Works for me! 

PS. If there are any readers out there selling the Rick Owens heels in size 41, please email me. Your help would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

9 thoughts on “Jeepers Creepers

  1. there are so many “unisex” rock-boots with heels out there, and with ladies’ sizes going up to a 41 usually, you might find some similar to those rick owen ones, don’t you think?

  2. I can’t personally imagine a guy wearing heels.. I just always think that heels are super feminine, and only for women! But I guess it depends on the person wearing them, they might look just great on ur bf 🙂

  3. Fröken lila: That’s true and we’ve been keeping our eye on those. No luck yet. 😦 Have to keep searching..Sara: True. I also think if the person can carry them right, they will make them look good. Look at Prince for example, he’s hot in heels! 😉

  4. In the history of fashion it was actually men who wore heels before women…it is only because we are used to something within our culture that we resist something that is out of the ‘norm’. P.s Anna-marie I hate to be a bad influence but did you know/notice that ASOS sells leather trousers? I just scored an amazing pair from thrftwares I got up at 4am to bid and I can never repeat what I actually paid for them….they will be the most expensive piece in my wardrobe….

  5. Mullakin on vähän sama juttu, kun mun poikaystävä on mua joku 5-6 senttiä pidempi, mutku jos pistän mun platot joissa on 8 sentin korko niin poikaystävä näyttää lyhyemmältä vaikka kyseessä onkin vaan muutamat sentit. En siks pistä niitä usein kun pelkään, että se haittaa mun poikaystävää. Mua itseeni se ei kyllä vaivaa!Onneksi silti poikkis ei oo ton tyylinen, että se vois käyttää korokepohjaisia kenkiä, ha!

  6. Silje: Me too! Men in heels = hot! Thanks! :)Laura Walker: You're right! In all those old paintings, the men are wearing heels. So basically we stole the style from men. I think we should give the right for men to wear heels again. 🙂 I did see the leather trousers at ASOS but the price was still a bit too high. Luckily I found a decent pair of fake leather ones from H&M (a place where I don't shop normally). Thanks for the tip though!:) I need to see your pants, they sound amazing!Ystävällinen hei: Joo ei oo helppoa, kun pituuseroa on noin vähän. Meillä toi menee toisinpäin, mies ei niinkään siitä välitä, mutta minua se harmittaa. Tai siis pidän sitä epäreiluja ja siksi haluaisin miehellä myös korkeat, mutta miehiset korot. :)Christina: Yeah they are! I think they are the best ones out there and they also come in white! Hmm hmm.. Perhaps I have to get a pair too. ;)V: Thanks, yes he is!!

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