The boys are back in town

We have not even made it to the spring, yet there are several interesting fashion weeks going on presenting the fall/winter 09/10 collections. As a fan of menswear and a believer in genderbending and androgyny when it comes to fashion, my eyes were instantly glued on the men’s creations presented in Paris. It seems that fur, MC jackets, leather pants and combat boots are still something you might want to keep in your wardrobe, at least according to Ann Demeulemeester, Gareth Pugh and Rick Owens.

Ann Dem goes horseriding.

Edward Scissor Hands has always been one of my favorite movies too.

Return of the urban warrior.

Source: Men

That being said, my shopping list for next fall includes chunky sweaters, comfy men’s pants and ripped jeans, as the rest can be found from my closet already. Too bad an androgyny body is not for sale.

Do you get inspired by menswear?

8 thoughts on “The boys are back in town

  1. I do get inspired by some menswear – not surprisingly by the same designers you mention here 🙂 I love how Ann D. and Rick Owens show almost identical pieces for both men and women, that still flatter the male/female body. These remind I need structured jackets/coats in wool AND leather and I need them bad!

  2. I’m afraid I never pay any attention to mens fashion….if its a guy I fancy then maybe….but otherwise no…

  3. Jesus Christ, no disrespect to any of the designers behind these outfits, but in what world are the people who wear them living in?? If I strolled into the pub wearing any of the above I would get absolutely slaughtered by my boys. And rightly so.

    1. It’s a world of avant-garde fashion enthusiasts and there are actually quite a few men who can pull this style off. It’s more of a lifestyle choice though and yes, in some parts of the world, takes serious balls to wear it. Once you learn to appreciate fashion from a different angle, it can really suck you in. Some of the men I know are huge construction, material and design geeks, some even collectors, so it becomes more like a hobby that you can express yourself with. 🙂 Check Style Zeitgeist for reference, it’s on my link list.

      1. P.S. The shows in Paris are always a SHOW with capital letters and showing the aesthetic of the designer. Once you take some of the layers off, you can make this style much more toned down and “street friendly”. You could check out Rick Owens’ DRK SHDW line for example if these show pieces scare you too much.

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