Back from Stockholm

Hi folks, I’m back from Stockholm! It was a great trip although the weather was not on our side and it kept raining for two days. Therefore there is no picture overload from the trip, sorry! Taking pictures when your hair looks like a wet rat is not providing the best material for the blog, say what you say.
I ended up making pretty good finds, although it was heart breaking to see almost everything I purchased last time with a -75% tag. I will introduce my findings in later posts but here is a sneak peek of my amazing new spring coat. If you are wondering why I look a bit coneish, it’s because my over 6 foot tall little brother took the picture on a slanted hill. Since it was his debut as a “blogographer” and he was kind enough to capture me for the sake of my blog, I will forgive him. 😉 Thanks baby bro for the picture, it turned out pretty good!

Jacket: Diana Orving
Sweater: Sunday Sun
Pleather pants: H&M
Bag: Saddler
Ring/collar s
Leather gloves: Vagabond
Platform booties: Bullboxer

Here are some random shots from the trendy Slussen area. It’s not hard to guess which is my favorite store and which is my boyfriend’s.

P.S. There are now 48 people (in public) following my blog through Blogger and this is my 98th post. When the public followers hit the 50 mark or I will have my 100th post, which ever happens first, I was thinking about doing a video post. That is if I don’t get chickened out by then. Anyway, something fun is coming up, so stay tuned…

29 thoughts on “Back from Stockholm

  1. I love the coat! and I tried on the h&m trousers last week but they didn't fit! I ended up getting bondage style jeans from boutiques at topshop instead which are ace!

  2. Wow your jacket is divine! You look wonderful here and I can’t to see all your purchases, 75%off is just a dream 🙂

  3. IHANA TAKKI aivan mahtava, sopii erittäin hyvin! saako näin paljon edes fiilistellä muiden ostoksia? 😀

  4. The picture turned out really good!!! 🙂 And I love the outfit, especially the combination of the jacket and the scarf.

  5. The jacket looks so amazing, I am sooo green with envy right now 😀 I’ve been lacking the purrfect winter jacket all my life. 😀

  6. Anonymous: Now I've got 57 followers on blogger as well. I guess a video post or something special is in order. :)Ranna: Thanks, yeah it's a bit crazy but I love it! I kind of feel like I'm a pine cone lady aka Muori Menninkäinen in it. :DAurora: Thanks! Voi kiitos! Kommenttisi lohduttaa kovasti sateenpiiskaamaa muotibloggaria. :)Tiiti: Takilla on kohta aika iso faniklubi. 😀 Kiitos kovasti!La Mode is Rad: Thanks!!Lizbeth: Thanks for the heads up! 🙂 I will do something special, perhaps a video post very soon.. Scary…. 😀 Stockholm is lovely indeed!Sugar Kane: Thanks! Definitely, that's my motto too. :DLaura.Walker: Your bondage pants sound so amazing! I had to squeeze myself into size 36 but luckily the pants are stretchy.Fruchtswerg: Thanks! In Finland I rarely see sales going down to -70%, so -75% is a dream come true. I will present my purchases in later posts. :)Eyeliah: Thank you!:)Anonymous: Kiitti, saa toki heheh. 😉 Kyllä mäkin aina fiilistelen kateellisena kaikkia ihanuuksia mitä kavereilla tai muilla bloggareilla on tullut hankittua..Fröken lila: Thank you! It's my new baby.. :)Intiaanidisko: Kiitti kovasti! Takki on mun uus lemppari ja toivottavasti pitkäaikainen sellainen. :)NinaV: Thanks, girl!!!!:)Jenni: Thank you! I think my brother will become a great blogograhpher if the just gets more practice hmm hmm.. ;DMnea: Kiitos ja kiitos pikkuveljelle kuvasta. :)Annemari: Kiitti! Lupaan tehdä ihan oman postauksen tuosta takista heti kun vain saan kuvattua sen päivänvalossa. Sisäkuvissa se ei pääsisi oikeuksiinsa. Siinä onkin sellainen jännä leikkaus ja kiinnitys, varsinkin selkäpuolella. Kuvia siis tulossa pikapuolin!:)Juliet: Thanks! Hopefully I won't chicken out. No no, promise is a promise!:)Miss Urbanita: Thanks!:) <3Maria: Voi kiitos, ihana kuulla!!:)Jonna: Kiitti. Joo siinä on vielä aika monta erikoista kohtaa, jotka ei näy tuossa kuvassa. Lähempää esittelyä tulossa pikapuolin. ;)Anonymous: Yeah she is!!:)Idhren: Thanks.. hehe..I've been looking for a perfect winter/spring coat as well and now I found it yay!:)

  7. So since I've been reading your blog since before I ever even thought of starting my own blog, I've given your blog an award, via my blog <333

  8. Oi rakastan tota asua, samanlaiseen takkiin ei varmasti törmää kahdesti kadulla 🙂 Käytkö useinkin Tukholmassa?

  9. Yeah I think you would like the bondage jeans I have! the h&m ones I tried the 6, I'm tiny but I have a bum! and they didn't accommodate my bum! my sister and I are thinking of starting a blog…I may put what I buy up, I bought from tell me a story and am just addicted to style blogs….I'll let you know!

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