The next big ring

I have always been a ring person but due to working in the office and some other unknown reasons I somehow stopped wearing most of my rings. Now rings are back in my life and it seems I can’t get enough of them! I’m especially facinated by big rings; in fact, the bigger the better. My latest purchase is a silver armor ring from eBay which looks a much like the Vivienne Westwood one but with a fraction of the price. Very gothic yet chic, this is ring love at first sight!

My growing collection of big rings, on the left my boyfriend’s medieval looking armor ring.

Armor ring (left): Dan’s Jewellers via eBay
Flower ring: Stockmann
Shield ring: Kalevala Koru
Silver ring with heart: Kalevala Koru
Armor ring (right):
Silver Rabbits via eBay

Tomorrow I’m off to Sweden and I’ll be back on Monday. If I have time on the road, I will post about all the lovely shopping in Stockholm. See you soon!

18 thoughts on “The next big ring

  1. I cannot wait to ehar of your fashion finds in Sweden!I am a lover of huge rings myself…I have quite a few and will be adding to my collection this season since there are a lot of great, big, rings out there.

  2. I’ve also got the two Kaleva-rings, but both in silver. I used to wear them all the time, about five years ago…maybe it’s time to get them out again. 🙂

  3. Maali-lifestyle: I think they are quite big now as the whole gothic look is hot on runways. 🙂 I personally love them!Eyeliah: Yeah they are! The shield one is something that doesn’t snag on anywhere, I recommend something like that. 🙂 K.B.: I agree!!:)Snapandprint: Me neither! 😀 I think my collection of rings will grow as well, I’m so hooked on them!Tarzan: I used to wear the silver heart Kalevala ring all the time, it’s actually my confirmation gift (you can see it dates back to 1997). I used to wear it all the time back in the day but then I forgot it for years. Now it’s back in business! You should definitely get your Kalevala rings out!!!:)

  4. I have a huge collection of silver rings I used to work where I was surrounded by jewellery. I stopped wearing rings and such a few years ago but this summer I started wearing them again and I have re discovered rings….I love the flower ring I’ve just been on etsy to see if I can find a flower ring….

  5. Personally, to me, rings are my favourite area of accessorizing. It’s the first thing I notice on anyone…next to their shoes of course!

  6. sinuna en kyllĂ€ menis mainitsemaan vivienne westwoodin nimeĂ€ noinkin ruman ja kĂ€lyisen kopion siivellĂ€. harmittaa ettĂ€ todennĂ€köisesti (tyhmĂ€t ja tietĂ€mĂ€ttömĂ€t) ihmiset tulevat vielĂ€ monesti erehtymÀÀn sormustasi aidoksi kappaleeksi. onko tĂ€mĂ€ taas sitĂ€ “inspiroitumista”?

  7. Laura.walker: I was a huge silver ring fan as well but somehow my ring enthusiasm got lost..Rings are definitely back and I need more of them. I think accessories are a minimalist’s best friend. :)Ciara Farrow: Shoes would be my first thing too but rings do make a person more interesting I suppose. 🙂 I have to start paying more attion to those.She’s dressing up: Thanks! I have to keep my collection growing..MEAGHAN!?: Thanks!:)Rissa: Thanks, me too! :)Styledigger: Me too!!!:)Anonymous: No niin..Mietinkin, ettĂ€ tĂ€llĂ€isten kommenttien varalle pitĂ€isi kirjoittaa nivelsormusten historiasta, sillĂ€ ei Vivienne ole todellakaan mitÀÀn pyörÀÀ keksinyt. Westwoodin sormuskin on tĂ€ysi kopio vanhoista gootti/punk-nivelsomuksista. Tuo minun sormus ei ole todellakaan kĂ€lyinen, se on sterling-hopeaa ja eroaa mm. kiinnityksessĂ€ aika paljonkin tuosta Viviennen sormuksesta. MietipĂ€ kuinka moni halvempi vaate (esim. Hennesin vaatteet) tai koru saa “inspiraationsa” catwalkeilta, alakulttuurista tms. Muodin saralla ei mikÀÀn ole uutta.

  8. Totanoin. Sun argumenttis menee jokseenkin yli. On eriasia ottaa vaikutteita kuin kopioida suoraa joku tuote. Vivienne ei nivelsormuksia ole keksinyt ei. Mutta kerta silmĂ€s harittaa sen verran niin voin kertoa, ettĂ€ tohon sun feikkiis on kopioitu Viviennen planeetta logo… eli eiköhĂ€n se ole sillon suora kopio kerta aivan samalta muutenkin nĂ€yttÀÀ. Pistin vielĂ€ linkin niin voit tutustua lisÀÀ sun ebay feikkiin ja aidon eroavaisuuksiin.

  9. JEYQ: Thanks! Sure it’s ok. :)Janni: Viviennen logokaan ei ole mitenkÀÀn uniikki, koska hĂ€n on kopioinut sen englantilaiselta Harris TweediltĂ€ ( Harris Tweedin logo taas perustuu Englannin kruunujalokivien symboliin. Saturnus sinĂ€nsĂ€ taas on pitkÀÀn kĂ€ytetty gootti/punk-symboli ja nĂ€kyy monissa koruissa…Ei monet nĂ€e siinĂ€ mitÀÀn pahaa, ettĂ€ ostaa esimerkiksi Alexander Wangin tuhottoman kalliiden hapsunilkkureiden sijaan Forever 21:n tĂ€ydet (mutta muoviset) kopiot. Samaahan harrastaa Zara, joka kopioi Balmainin niittisandaalit jne..EikĂ€ kukaan nÀÀ siinĂ€ mitÀÀn vÀÀrÀÀ omistaa ne kopiot.En todellakaan aio antaa ihmisten luulla, ettĂ€ tuo sormus on aito, vaan se on vain sormus muiden joukossa. Samalla tavalla kun kertoisin niittisandaalien (oi kun saisikin ne) olevan Zarasta. 🙂

  10. I love big rings and yes the armor rings are my new thing also.I got this beautiful BCBG floral armor ring in november here in NYC,it has gunmetal finish with crystals and is fabulous,would love to send you a photo of it.

    My collection of rings has now hit 200, yes it is an obsession for sure now =)

    1. Wow 200 rings! That’s a lot hehhe. My collection has been growing since this post as well. Perhaps I should make another post sometime soon about all my jewelry. 🙂

      Your BCBG ring sounds amazing, I would love to see a picture of it!

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