Leather shorts

I have been obsessing about getting a pair of leather pants since the Givenchy fall/winter 08/09 RTW collection hit the runway and it seems there is no looking back on this one. I’ve been compensating my leather cravings with different kinds of wetlook leggings and the plan has worked pretty well to satisfy my needs. In spite of my pretty successful substitutes, leather pants are still on my “must get” list, no matter what I do. I just need to find the perfect pair.

While hunting down the pants, I remembered that I do have something in my closet that is made out of leather and you can put your legs into: high waisted leather shorts! With this image on my mind, I think these might be one step closer to my leather dream. The shorts are a second hand find, made in Italy and of real leather. I think they will be my new spring/summer favorite, plus they are much cooler (as in you sweat in leather pants) version of the dream pants for those hot summer days (the countdown starts now).

Please don’t get worried, I don’t normally walk like this outside since it’s still very much winter here in Finland. I wore this outfit to last night’s indie club and actually changed the tights into black slashed ones on the last minute, somehow the skin colored ones felt too bare for the season. We’ll save the skin for the spring, yes?

Wrinkled tee: MTWTFSS
Leather shorts: Second hand
Shoes: Vagabond
Bag: Vintage
Scissor necklace: Ann Demeulemeester
Ring: Kalevala Koru

17 thoughts on “Leather shorts

  1. Have to say, I think it’s amazing that you have the energy (or the body temperature) to have these outdoors photo sessions, it sure isn’t warm out there! Those leather shorts are somehow very you, I don’t think many people could rock those.

  2. what an amazing outfit! 🙂 i think i would freeze in that weather tho, so props to you for taking fabulous photos in the snow!xoxo,La C.

  3. What a fantastic outfit! I agree, flesh coloured tights are more of a spring thing, especially if you have to stay outdoors for more than 5 mins. Photoshoot is an exception!I do have a fantastic pair of leather pants my mum gave to me, of lovely soft black leather with a great highish waist, but they are a bit short for me, so I don’t know whether to customize them even shorter, or to sell… But then I’d have to look for another pair, a gal can’t SURVIVE without leather pants!

  4. Aivan ihana asu. 🙂 Etkö sä jäädy tonne ulos ikinä? Mä oon niin vilukissa etten kestäny parvekkeella otettuja asukuvia yhtään, oli pakko siirtyä sisätiloihin keinovalon huomaan 😀

  5. Fröken lila: Oh, thank you! That’s so nice to hear. :)Invisible inkie: Thanks! I think it was something like +2 Celcius when we took the pics..In the previous post the meter hit minus figures, grrr. I have to be brave, indoor pictures just won’t do the trick for me. I hate bad lighting. :DLacouturiernyc: Thanks! It is freezing but you gotta suffer for beaty, or in this case fashion and good photos. :)Sugar Kane: Yep, photoshoots are an exception. 😉 Those leather pants sound fab, I can’t wait to try them on. That is, if you want to let them go…Krystal: Thanks! They are a pretty good second hand find. :)Miss Urbanita: Thanks! 🙂 Yeah, I couldn’t believe my eyes as well since they were dirt cheap too!Winda: Kiitos kovasti! Kyllä mä jäädyn, mutta ulkona tulee vaan niin paljon parempia kuvia. Hyvä valo on kaiken a ja o. 🙂 Hyvien kuvien vuoksi kärsin vaikka -20 asteen pakkasen, heh. Eniten mua pelotti liukastuminen, noissa sandaaleissa kun on aika tasaiset pohjat (tosin niitä ei olekaan tarkoitettu ehkä ulkokäyttöön talvella). 😀 Jos saisin jostain halogeenin, niin sisäkuvia voisi taas harkita.Juliet: Kiitti, revin ne ihan itse sellaisella ratkojalla. Riittää kun rikkoo vain yhden silmukan ja sitten hieman venyttää sukkahousua, niin jo silmäpako lähtee nousemaan. 🙂

  6. AHHHHHHHH, you are so so so amazingly stunning. Loving your tights and the whole outfit. Brilliant in every way.with ♥, China L.

  7. Clareassiral: Thank you, I’m happy to heat that!Emma: Thanks hon, I try to stay warm but sometimes you have to make an effort to get good pics. ;)Anonymous: That is so sweet of you to say, thank you. I’m sure you are beautiful, and remember it’s the inner beauty that matters anyway. :)Withasianstereotypes: Thank you!! 🙂

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