In the snow

The coldness of the winter here in the North has made it impossible to take decent outfit pictures, but today I decided to make a little sacrifice by going out to shoot in the snow while it was still light outside. I constructed today’s outfit solely on these ripped Lee jeans that my boyfriend got for me a few Xmases ago and which I recently “re-found” from my closet. I honestly don’t understand how I’ve been letting these jeans collect dust for such a long time because I’m totally in love with them again! Perhaps I was avoiding the lowish waistline but with longer tops they work just fine and look very Kate Moss indeed.
Later on when I hit the town, I made a cape out of my sweater jacket and added combat boots to finalize the look that would keep me warm. With the layering of the two t-shirts, the black sheer shirt doesn’t look as revealing but it still keeps its see-through nature visible to the eye.

White wrinkled tee: MTWTFSS
Black tee: Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair
Sweater: Monki
Ripped jeans: Lee
Sandals: Vagabond
Combat boots: Kenkärepo
Scissor necklace: Ann Demeulemeester

Rings: Kalevala Koru & Stockmann

9 thoughts on “In the snow

  1. I’m impressed you went out in the cold – good job! I take lots of pics too, I put camera on timer and it takes a bunch in a row, so much deleting.

  2. Fruchtzwerg: Thanks, it’s one of my favorites too and I love it’s asymetrical cuts. It’s a pity I can’t use it at work (office), otherwise I would wear it all the time!Eyeliah: I should try that too with my Gorillapod. Somehow it’s easier to ask my bf to take the pics and he just takes a bunch of them for me to choose from. :)Anna-Maria: Thanks my namesake!;) You’re the only Anna-Maria I know apart from myself in the blogosphere. Pretty cool name, eh? :)Juliet: I love grunge style!:) I have this plaid shirt in the closet, I should match it with those jeans to achieve the complete grunge look.Laura: Kiitti!:)

  3. thats dedication for you! we have had some very cold weather and I couldn’t go out in it just in a t-shirt! love the jeans!

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