Etsy update!

We have added plenty of new vintage items to our Etsy store, so if you have some Xmas money burning in your pocket or want something cute for the upcoming spring, I suggest you check out our latest additions. Ooh, all that lovely vintage!

Beautiful 1970’s dress, size S/M

Sexy 1980’s leather skirt, size S/M

Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche houndstooth blazer, size S/M/L

1980’s white dress with floral embroidery, size S/M

1980’s perfect little black dress, size S/M
Pictures © Satu Kemppainen

And many more at Tell Me A Story Vintage!

7 thoughts on “Etsy update!

  1. odotin jotain muuta tuolta teidän vintageputiikilta, mutta aikalailla mitään sanomattomia kasarihepeneitä. blogisi on mahtava, keep going!

  2. Sorry, but…I just can’t stop hating your nose can’t you take pictures up front of your face? It’s killing me to watch your profile…. get a nose job or something? ughhh

  3. Anonymous: Kasarihepeneet on mun suosikkeja ja löytyvät suurimmaksi osaksi mun vaatekaapista. Jokainen tykkää eri vuosikymmennistä ja onhan siellä joukossa 50- 60- ja 70-luvunkin vaatteita. 🙂 Lisää tavaraa on tulossa, joten kannattaa käydä kurkkailemassa useasti. Tulossa myös laukkuja ja kenkiä!Pixienish: Thanks!Christina Lömn: Actually my nose is one of the features that I most like about myself and get the most compliments on, so I don’t really know what the hell you’re talking about? Or do you just hate my side posing? If you are talking about these pics I did what our talented photographer told us and IMO the pictures came out great! I also like to pose sideways because I think my profile is better than the front. If you go back a few posts, you can see me posing straight to the camera. I think you should get a brain job or grow up since your commentary is that mature…YuQueSe: Gracias! :)Sertonina: Me too, unfortunately I have to let it go…You should totally get it!:)Agus: Thank you and happy new year to you too! 🙂

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