Running with scissors

Although my Xmas was very quiet this year due to my dad passing away just a week before the yearly event, our family still managed to put it together somehow. I really don’t want to put down the holiday spirits of my dear readers by talking about the sadder subjects in life, so let’s bring this blog back to it’s original purpose; fashion. Since I haven’t been much in the mood of taking outfit pictures or dressing in anything special, I will feast your eyes with the lovely Xmas gifts my boyfriend gave me this year. These might not cure a broken heart but they are rather heart-warming indeed. Thank you so much babe!

Scissor necklace: Ann Demeulemeester
Shield ring: Kalevala Koru

I also want to thank you readers for all the lovely comments and sending your condolences. You really make my day. 🙂

P.S. I promise to come back with new outfit pictures very soon!

11 thoughts on “Running with scissors

  1. They are lovely gifts…I hope you are ok, its early days yet sometimes it can be helpful to do ‘normal’ wishes to you and all your family x

  2. Don’t you dare apologize for bringing out the fact that life isn’t always nice and superb 😦 If I wanted a Disney Movie, I’d go out and rent one.Anyways, I hope you have the chance to gather your strenght and pick up the pieces. And what a lovely bf you have for such a gift that suits your style exactly! *hugs* 🙂

  3. Dear, hope you are copying well, i am so proud of you being so brave and strong.Amazing gifts… happy that you have someone close to you to heel your heart!

  4. Laura Walker: Indeed they are. ;)Yeah thats true, thank you so much for the support. :)Idhren: Thanks. 🙂 Heh, right now I wish my life was from a Disney movie (ok maybe not from Bambi) but yeah you’re right..I guess it’s good to see and hear that us bloggers have problems too..and we are not all that “perfect”. The gifts really do suit my style, my bf is the best!;)Ladya: Kiitti! Joo mullakin on ollut ahkeraan sormessa tuo sormus, tykkään kovasti! Ollaan siis sormussamikset. :DSuna: Thank you. 🙂 The scissors are cool!Sugar Kane!: Niinpä!;) Kiitti kovasti!Frickys: I’m hanging in there, thank you . 🙂 I do feel lucky to have someone like him brcause without, I don’t know what would I do…Miss Urbanita: Thank you!V: Thanks, sure let’s trade. :)Eve: Kiitti, ei muuta kun sormusostoksille!:) Saksikoru on kyllä tosi ihana.Lulu: Thank you girl, it is indeed. 🙂

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