On Friday I attended a Hollywood themed company Xmas party. Instantly I knew I wanted to wear something in the vintage spirit, to catch the “old Hollywood” vibe. Having searched eBay for 2 months prior to the event, I came into the conclusion that there was no point of buying a dress for just one day, especially when you have friends like Ranna with a closet full of vintage party dresses. As I was modeling for our Etsy store’s lookbook, I got to try on this amazing cobalt blue dress of hers. It was love at first sight; this was THE dress for the party. This amazing piece will be for sale at Tell Me A Story Vintage, as soon as the fall/winter stuff is up.

The dress definitely demanded a hair updo, so now I am fulfilling one reader’s request to having my hair tied to the back. I also wanted to give the dress a modern twist with the double layer belt and studded platform sandals. I was pretty pleased with the outcome, especially when so many people gave me compliments on my outfit during the night. Thank you Ranna so much for letting me borrow the dress!

Dress and cape: Tell Me A Story Vintage
Gloves: L’acessor
Belt: Second hand
Bag: Bianco
Shoes: Urban Originals
Cigarette holder: Naamiohuvit

11 thoughts on “Hollywood

  1. this dress is really great and fits you very well!but here is one thing I realy can’t understand….how do you wear such shoes when it’ so cold??!!! don’t people on the streets shoot weird glances at you?

  2. Ninav: Yeah I know.. maybe I will. ;)Sara: Thank you!:)Fashion Therapist: That’s what I tought so too, it’s so glamorous. Thanks!Snapandprint: Thanks!:)Eyeliah: People really dressed up for this event but I think my outfit at least stood out. 🙂 Thanks!Lydia: Nice to hear from you again. 🙂 Thank you, the party was fun indeed!Nataly: Thanks. Actually, I had my winter booties and a long winter coat when I walked outside and when I got inside, I changed to the sandals. 🙂 It’s way too slippery to walk with those shoes outside plus they are PU, so they might break when the meter hits minus figures. The picture was taken on my backyard in the freezing cold but I managed to stay still for couple of minutes… :)Honey: Thanks!!:)

  3. That dress was made for a Hollywood themed party. You look great with all the accessories. I can’t believe you posed outside though, it’s so freaking cold that just the idea gives me chills 🙂

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