These grey days

Today I visited my parents for a formal dinner to celebrate the Finnish Independence Day. We were looking over photos from last summer’s Norway trip and doing what most Finns do every 6th of December, evaluating the evening gowns of the guests entering the president’s Independence Day ball and toasting to the celebration. It seems that burgundy was the hit color amongst the guests this year. I wanted to wear something comfortable so I grabbed something I haven’t worn in ages; a puffy sleeve shirt bought from California two years ago and high waisted jeans that have been waiting to get re-colored for a year now (yep, I’m lazy…). Since the high waisted jeans need something extra to fill the extra length, I tied the twofold second hand belt around my waist.

Puffy sleeve shirt: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: Weekday
Belt: Second hand
Heels: Dinsko

Now I’m off to the evenings festivities which consist of going to the local indie club (no surprise there). Happy Independence Day to my fellow Finns and others, enjoy your weekend!

31 thoughts on “These grey days

  1. Fröken lila: Thanks! Those puff sleeves crazy, huh? :)K.B.: Thanks! :)Aliliisa: Oih, kiitos ja punastus! :)Sugar Kane: Thanks! Yeah that belt adds a cool tone to it. ;)Fashion Therapist: Thanks!:)Chlozzard: Thanks!:)Fashion Chalet: Thanks! That belt was seriously worth the 80 cents I paid for it. 😉

  2. Nataly R: Thank you so much for featuring me! I’m happy to be there with some great Finnish girls!:)J: Thanks J!Rissa: Cool, hopefully you will like it here. 🙂 Sure we can trade links!Ilona: Mun suosikki oli se paljon kehuttu Minna Kaupin shampanjan värinen puku, ihan vaan siitä syystä että se oli niin couturea. 🙂 Tykkäsin myös Abreun keltaisesta puvusta, mutta ne ihoglitterit oli vähän liikaa.

  3. Anonymous: Thanks! Heheh, I know that I look a bit mean sometimes but don’t worry, I’m not. :)It’s just easier to pose like that, with an attidue.. :DAnonymous: My parents are ok with my style, sometimes they are a bit confused because I buy so much clothes. My mom used to be a huge clothes fanatic when she was younger (actually thinking of doing a post on her style from back then) so she understands plus she deals with teenagers in her job everyday, so I think she has seen all the street style forms there is from punks to hip hoppers.. 😀 I’m sure they would want me to wear more color but I like it black/grey/white. 🙂 Red lipstick is the best!:)Heini: Kiitos. 🙂 Ajattelin värjätä ne ihan vaan harmalla, kun niistä on alkanut kulumaan väri sivusauman kohdalta (ei näy kuvissa). Tosin himoitsin noita samoja farkkuja mustana enkä tyhmänä ostanut..Taidan kuitenkin jättää nuo harmaaksi, kun mustia farkkuja mulla jo on vino pino kaapissa. 🙂

  4. Miss Urbanita: Thanks! Yeah, I got the shirt about 2 years ago so they prolly don’t have it anymore, sorry.Krystal: Thank you!:O)Cafe Noir: I know! I feel bad, it’s been hard to update due to lack of light. I promise to make an an advance on the current situation. :)Jade: Thanks! I love them too. 🙂

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