I'm a television girl in a television world

During our Sweden trip the local Finnsih TV station wanted to make a story about the Finnish fashion bloggers and our spending habits during the weakened economy. The following video clip is in Finnish but basically what I’m saying is something along the lines of, “I follow other fashion blogs to get inspired, and if my readers can get inspired by my blog and style, I’m happy”. It doesn’t really have anything do with the ecomony but when they asked me reasons for why I have a blog, that was one of them. It’s really horrible to watch yourself on TV, especially when I wasn’t given any time to prepare for the interview. Here is the end result (forward the clip to 9 minutes):
Uutiset tisdag 02 december 2008-12-02 17.45.

4 thoughts on “I'm a television girl in a television world

  1. Ai että miten söpö pätkä! 🙂 Oli kiva nähdä liikkuvaa kuvaa, toki juttu olisi saanut olla paljon pidempi.

  2. Suna: Kiitti! Joo, ehkäpä teen vielä joku kerta videopostauksen…Nyt kun on tuo liikkuvan kuvan raja rikottu. 🙂 Hih, selitin niin paljon käsilläni -> hermostuneisuutta…

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