Xmas wishlist

Every Christmas I want to say no to presents but knowing my family and boyfriend, it’s not an option. Who knew that I have been that nice? To ease their pain of what to get me this year, I created a wishlist for Xmas. These are things that I have been eyeing on this fall, and to my surprise, some are actually possible to implement.

1. Long leather gloves. I have been looking for the perfect pair for two years now. Weekday store in Sweden had black ones with a zipper, and for one reason or another, I have said no them three times already. Stupid me…

2. Durable umberella. I have to thank Honey Junkie for this idea. She has proven to us that this Senz Stealth magical umberella actually works in the raging wind and rain. I have broken way too many umbrellas in my lifetime; could this be the answer to all my problems?

3. Shield ring. After admiring something similar on the fingers of some fellow fashion bloggers, I really want one myself.

4. YSL Rouge Pure Shine Lipstick, no. 1. I can not live without this lipstick! It’s seriously so red, soft, moisturizing, shiny and long lasting that no other lipstick can beat it. Besides, it has the most beautiful case too!

5. “The Givenchy” shoes. I know these are something I can not get for Xmas but a girl can dream, right? If anyone knows a store that sells the knock-offs, please let me know ASAP!
Whats on your Xmas wishlist this year?

8 thoughts on “Xmas wishlist

  1. Mmmm YSL lipstick! It’s the only lipstick I can stand (besides gloss), and I love the case too. Funny story: this summer I was hanging out with a boy who is a stage magician and he did a magic trick with my YSL lipstick when I wasn’t looking. He completely ruined it, squashed the whole thing, and didn’t understand why I was angry! Sigh, boys.

  2. Robin: YSL is the best! Sorry about your lipstick. I would pretty much want to murder the person who ruins my lipstick, that’s how precious it is to me. Damn boys!:DAnonymous: No, I haven’t. I have to check it out, thanks for the tip!:)

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