Everything from Eastern style to photoshoots

The other day and today have been extremely busy. We finally finished the photo shoot for the Etsy store few hours ago and I have to say, modeling is really hard work! A big hand to our photographer Satu and model Minna for helping to create lovely images for the selling lines.

The reason why Thursday was so busy is that I attended a photograph exhibition at a local art gallery called East Side stories. The exhibition portrays a trip of Liisa Jokinen from Hel-looks, photographer Juliana Harkki and stylist Salli Raeste to Eastern Finland through images of people’s styles and places in the East. If you live in or visit Tampere, it’s definitely something worth experiencing.

After the exhibition my boyfriend and I joined the exhibitors for a dinner and continued our evening at our friends’ place. I wore a black sweater bought from Sweden with leather patches and my new OTK boots which I absolutely adore. Here are some images from last night, everyone was dressed so fancy.

From right: Liisa Jokinen, Juliana Harkki and Salli Raeste

From right: my friend Laura, Liisa Jokinen and me
Photo above by: Juliana Harkki

I also asked Satu to photograph the outfit in the studio as well.

Photos by: Satu Kemppainen

Sweater: Sunday Sun
Boots: Bronx
Jacket: H&M
Scarf: Cheap Monday
Bag: Saddler
Gloves: Seppälä
Ring: Stockmann

11 thoughts on “Everything from Eastern style to photoshoots

  1. ur boots and Laura’s boots are amazing!where are her boots from?please share!and u’ve got the prettiest nose!

  2. Love the pullover, the details near the hem are just perfection! Geesh, I’m also beginning to develop an obsession for OTK-boots… 😀

  3. You look great as always, I really like that sweater you’re wearing. I also spot some crazy shoe action, in a good sense 🙂

  4. Song of Style: Thanks! Yeah Laura's shoes are awesome. They are from the same place as my studded sandals. :)Idhren: That's what caught my eye on the sweater as well. ;O) I had a huge obsession for the OTK boots and finally it's over. Well, of course I am still obsessed with them but at least I got them. 🙂 You should get a pair too! If you don't want to get these, they have similar ones with zippers at Spirit Store.Suna: Thanks girl! Shoe action was crazy indeed. I'm so jealous of those shoes and I love Liisa's socks!Shandi: Thanks! Me too! ;)Handbagsdealer: Cool and thansk! I try to take as many pics as I can, pictures are the best. :)Anonymous: Kiitos! Jos se olit sinä anomyymi joka vinkkas noista, niin kiitos vielä kolmannen kerran!;) ❤

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