Being a huge fan of Scandinavian fashion, meeting the Finnish born fashion designer Camilla Norrback while in Sweden, had a great importance to me. Her brand has been a pioneer in “ecoloxury“, a term that has been widely used but in fact, originated from her. In Camilla’s words “ecoluxury is modern luxury with an ecological point of view”; most of her clothes are produced from environmentally friendly, renewable raw materials. A good example were buttery soft leggings which I would have never guessed being made of recycled PET bottles. How can something so rough and ugly turn into something so comfortable and pretty?

Source: Camilla Norrback

While visiting her boutique, Camilla promised us a -25% discount from her collection. I obviously couldn’t leave empty handed, and this Art deco/80’s inspired dress was mine to keep. According to Camilla, her clothes make the wearer feel both beautiful and proud which with, I have to agree. I wore the dress to Saturday night’s indie club feeling both beautiful and proud; not only had I bought an amazing dress but it was also a very wise purchase.

The button of the dress is made from the finest quality leather and in a Swedish factory that also manufactures the leather straps of Louis Vuitton bags. How cool is that?

Dress: Camilla Norrback
Shoes: Urban Originals
Clutch: Bianco

Camilla at her boutique

16 thoughts on “Ecoluxury

  1. So what does the label say on those pet bottle leggings? “Made of 100% pet bottles”?I’m having a really hard time figuring out how to turn pet bottles (what are they anyway?) into fabric. Is it like polyester then?Anyways, cool dress!

  2. Frickys: Thank you so much! I’m in love with the dress. It’s something I can totally wear at my workplace too. :)Tarzan: Kiitos! Totta tosiaan, simppeli on parasta!:)NinaV: I knew it would appeal to you as well. 😉 Thanks!!Anonymous: Voi kiitos!:)Idhren: Thanks! 🙂 To my understanding PET bottles are soft plastic bottles. I don’t know what kind of magic they do with them but the outcome is fantastic and so soft! I think it is like polyester blend. 🙂

  3. Eyeliah: Yeah, I wanted to get it too but the price was a wee bit high even after the -25%…Fashionista*: Thank you so much!:)

  4. I was not familiar with this designer. I looked into at her recent collection for spring/summer. The inovative materials she uses can be best apreciated with the winter collections. Wouldnt you agree? Her models remind me of portraits by Mark Ryden. The whole angelic, pale skin look.

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