Stockholm calling

This weekend has so far been one of those weekends that has lacked any sort of activity. Nothing is going on, no good clubs to go to, no parties to attend and no spontaneous shopping spasms. I have been lazy with my outfit photos as well, even though I have the Gorillapod to assist me. To be honest, I’ve only went out once today and that was to get some groceries. The rest of my day has been occupied with lounging and watching movies.

I guess some needed rest is in place considering next week I and seven other Finnish fashion bloggers are conquering Stockholm. The trip is organized by VisitSweden (kind of ironic that Sweden supports us Finnish bloggers this way and not Finland) and Minttu who is a Finnish blogger living in Sweden. I have to say I am really psyched about this trip! My brain is scanning though outfit options and what to wear during the trip and yes, I am a bit nervous too. Most of these gals I already know but there are two who I have not met yet. It shall be very interesting and I will report about it when the time comes. Hopefully, I’ll have some time for blogging while in Sweden; however,
our schedule is rather busy with designer visits, shopping and fine dining. My boyfriend will also be going to Sweden during the same time due to his jealousy of my gain. Ha!

Since there are no outfit photos from this weekend, I will leave you with this one that was taken last week. Once again I am wearing my trusted colors, black and grey – no surprises there. The days are getting really dark, so more self-taken indoor shots are probably coming up in the next months. Bare with me…

Knit vest: Josefssons
Black turtle neck: Lindex
Shoes: Global Essentials
Necklace: H&M

10 thoughts on “Stockholm calling

  1. Ihanaa matkaa sullekin! Olen ollut superlaiska kommentoija viimeaikoina, mutta tykkään asukuvistasi ja tyylistäsi jatkuvasti ja aina vaan enemmän. Harmaa-musta paletti voi olla vätrikäs ja kiinnostava, sä todistat sen 🙂

  2. Sugar Kane: Ihmettelinkin, että minne olet kadonnut, mutta kiva kuulla että täällä vielä pyörit. :)Harmaa ja musta toimii ikuisesti ja aina! ;)Aurora: Kiitti! Siinä taisi kyllä käydä päinvastoin hehe. :DJuliet: Thank you!La fee: Thanks!Mimi: Yeah, I haven’t worn it as much but now that the winter comes, I’m sure you will be seeing more of it. Thanks!

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