Say hello to my new three legged friend, Mr. Gorillapod

Only a blogger could ask for such a selfish b-day present. Introducing my new friend, Mr. Gorillapod. This little three legged alien looking thing is every blogger’s dream toy and a great help for taking those totally self-centered photos of oneself. You can twist the legs as you like and attach it to anything, I even tried it on a door handle and it stayed there and was ready for a picture. Truly fantastic! I got the mid-size one but these come in different sizes/lengths. My pod weighs only 165 grams so it’s fairly light to take anywhere you go (no need for those heavyweight tripods anymore). Read more info here if interested.

My new friend Mr. Gorillapod and my camera

I got this little fella from my parents (after requesting it of course) when I had a b-day dinner at their place on Sunday. The days are getting so gray that it’s hard to snap an outfit photo even during daytime. That’s one thing Mr. Gorillapod can’t help with, unfortunately; however, this is what I wore on Sunday.

Dress: H&M Trend
Sweater: Roberto Cavalli for H&M
Shoes: Wedins

12 thoughts on “Say hello to my new three legged friend, Mr. Gorillapod

  1. Oho, onpa kyllä harvinaisen käytännöllinen kapine. Täytyykin tutustua hieman tarkemmin kyseiseen kolmijalkaiseen otukseen. 🙂

  2. Pretty outfit! Casual, but still stylish. 🙂 And that Mr. Gorillapod is a great thing, I want one too! It would be so handy.

  3. Fröken lila: Oh yes, it's fantastic! I think every blogger needs one!Jade: Handy indeed! Thanks!:)Couture carrie: It works like wonders! Thanks! I have just recently started wearing it again. :)Christina: Jep, ja hintakaan ei päätä huimaa. 🙂 Tuo oli about 30 euron paikkeilla. Samaa ei voi sanoa normaali tripodeista, huitoo satasissa…Frickys: Thanks! I try to avoid normal H&M but H&M Trend stuff just seems to have such cool looks.Sara: Thanks! It is handy, I got mine from verkkokauppa.comAnonymous: Thanks! It is very cozy and comfy. 🙂 I got it last year.

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  5. voi hitto mä haluaisin kans tollasen vääntyilevän kamerajalkajutun 😀 mut emt kestääks noi järjestelmäkameroita… ihanaihana tyyli + blogi ❤

  6. Spam: Spam??Linda: Se ei maksanut paljoa ja tuota Gorillapodia saa sellaisen hieman isomman version, joka kestää järkkäreitäkin. Ja kiitos!:)

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