Since my b-day happened to be in the middle of the week, I decided to host the actual party yesterday night. We had some food and drinks at my place and later on headed to a local indie club to dance and a see a band called Juvelen. I had heard that they are Sweden’s own Prince (the artist not the royalty) and as a huge Prince fan it was definately worth checking out. Since I was such a busy host, I had no time to take an outfit picture when there was still daylight. Therefore Ranna and I had a photoshoot at the club and to my surprise the pictures came out pretty nice! Thanks Ranna for these photos below, my photographer work and her lovely and very similar shape (we did not plan this!) outfit can be seen here.

Dress: Saints & Mortals
Net top: Martin Margiela
Oddly cut top: Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair
Bag: Bianco Accessories

Shoes: Skopunkten

I constructed the outfit of a pleather dress I bought recently as an impulse buy and added the see through oddly-cut top, a Margiela net top, laceup shoes and all the gold jewellery I could find. The inspiration for my outfit came from Givenchy’s fall/winter 08/09 colleciton, it’s my absolute favourite collection of this fall from all the designers. I just can’t say no to leather, bunch of jewellery and platform shoes.


From my perspective the latter had to stay at home and wasn’t included in my outfit because I wanted to ensure a pleasant dancing experience all night long. Also, tomorrow we are having a photoshoot for our Etsy store and there is going to be a lot of standing outside so my feet have to be in good shape. So keep your eyes open for our new fall/winter stuff, it’s coming up soon!

20 thoughts on “Constructivism

  1. Sorry for missing your birthday.Let me just wish you to be emotionally young forever :)I have no words about this outfit, believe me it left me speechless, it is perfection especially how you piled the necklaces….

  2. I already made a comment to Ranna’s blog but I have to say, this is so amazing! I love the whole outfit; you look simply stunning and best of all, I think it’s really creative.

  3. I love your leather dress, I so want one too 😀 If I ever get married, it’s gonna happen in a dress a bit like that. I’d only add a big zipper or two 😀

  4. *whispering* happy birthday! You look so fierce in this leather dress! Really hot, I would fall for you and couldn’t get my eyes off you if I see you in this dress.

  5. Fröken lila: Thanks! I’m definately most “me” in anything that is black and has a rock attitude.Frickys: Thank you! 🙂 I will be forever young at mind. 🙂 That is such a compliment if you were left speechless. It means I did something right hehehhee..Suna: Thank you so much! It’s the Givenchy look with my own interpretation. :)Magia1980: Thanks!Idhren: Thanks! I think they still had few size S left in the back if you want to go ask from Carlings. 🙂 I would like a wedding dress bit like that too (but in white), something I could wear for other occasions as well. Not just the wedding.. :)Fruchtzwerg: Danke! The dress is rather sexy one..When we took the pics some random drunken guy was trying to touch my butt (but my bf luckily came to rescue). Maybe it was the dress…May: Thank you! 🙂

  6. I got to say that this outfit aint doing it for me. Too much trying for my taste. I feel the whole rock attitude but sometimes less is more 🙂

  7. Nicely done. I agree with the “less is more” statement made by the anonymous commenter. But I guess it all depends on a certain”look”. If you’re trying to achieve this Givenchy catholic, romance goth look, more is needed; and def with the accessories. I think this outfit both by Givenchy and Fluxor is amazing. Possibly one of my favs for womens fall/winter 08/09. It doesn’t look tacky, and still has that chic/dark/sophisticated look.

  8. Styledigger: Thank you! So we have another Givenchy fan on board! :)La fee: Thank you so much!:)Anonymous: That is your opinion and if I understood your point, you thought there was too much accessories/things going on. I like simple but to achieve the Givenchy look, more is needed. I feel like I would have wanted to add even more accessories! And I am not trying hard at all because the rock attitude/look is closest to my heart (music and style wise). I just sort of drifted away from it during the summer…Pter: Good point and thank you! This is exactly what I mean. I am a simple look girl but I am very fond of Givenchy’s take on the gothic style. Therefore, more is needed but with style and sophistication.

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