My sweet 16 (+10)

An anonymous commenter was surprised how I have been 25 for so long, well finally the day has come when I turn 26. Yes, I AM getting older today…To celebrate my aging process my boyfriend and I went out to eat at the American diner. Originally we had planned to go see Tropic Thunder at the movie theaters but felt too tired after the huge chicken burger and fries and decided to rent a movie and come home. For my b-day I wanted to wear something comfortable but at the same time this is sort of an autumn update on the long t-shirt look. Who said that it can only be done in the summer time? Not me.

On the way back home the leaves and lanterns at this nearby park looked so nice that we just had to snap some photos. These autumn evenings are so nice, especially when it’s a full moon like tonight.

Blazer: Vintage
Long t-shirt: 22 Vintage
Knee high socks: H&M
Shoes: Vintage
Bag: Second hand
Scarf: Second hand
Gloves: Seppälä

15 thoughts on “My sweet 16 (+10)

  1. congratulations to your birthday! i still got about halv a year left till the big 26.. but, you can still say that you’re in the middle of your twenties! those shoes are fantastic by the way!

  2. Mun on nyt pakko kysyä, kun jostain syystä tosta ravintolajutusta tuli ihan ihme juttu mieleen, eli tilaatteko yleensä ravintolassa englanniksi vai tilaatko sinä molemmille suomeksi? 😀 Tiedän, että tää kuullostaa tosi tyhmältä, muta se vaan tuli mieleen ja vaivaa mua 🙂

  3. Oh! I am late! But happy birthday for yesterday!!! Mine is the 20th, so I am libra like you! Hope your b-day was perfect and nice!

  4. Happy birthday! 🙂 You look great and I love love love that bag. Also, your boyfriend has a great style, you are such a cute couple 🙂

  5. Ninav: Thank you! :)Fröken lila: Thank you! Yes, I’m definately in my mid-twenties. 🙂 No talk about the big 30 here heh. I haven’t worn those shoes in awhile, don’t know why!Idhren: I did, thanks. The big party is tonight though.. You’re still a baby. ;)Nelliina: Danke!Every: Aina saa kysyä, ei haittaa. 🙂 Eli nyt viimeksi tilasin minä suomeksi kun otimme molemmat samaa ruokaa ja juomaa. Oli kätevämpi.. Usein se kai olen minä joka tilaa kahviloissa yms., vaikka kyllähän täällä hyvin englantia osataan. Jos ollaan isommassa porukassa, niin hän tilaa itse itselleen enkuksi. :)Urbanita: Thanks! :)Emma: Oh, libras are the best! Artistic and aesthetic. Thank you! I hope your b-day is wonderful as well. :)Suna: Thanks! Also another item I haven’t worn in awhile. Strange old me. Yep, he hates the AA-crosses trend…so do I! I like normal crosses but those are too nu-rave for me. It sucks they got ruined by the trend..Ranna: Yes, see you tonight! I’m wearing something a bit crazy as well. Inspired by Givenchy a/w 08..

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