Crop that top

I feel like blogging has been kind of difficult for me in the past weeks. I have taken outfit pictures but I just don’t seem to have any energy to actually sit by my laptop and write something down. I blame it on the darkness that is creeping around, it’s slowly shortening the daylight and making me so lazy and tired. I really need to get a grip and try get my energy levels back on track. At least my weekend was busy, so there is something to show and say.On Saturday my boyfriend was DJing at the local indie club. I figured that I had to wear black to match the mood of his DJ set since he was playing mostly post punk/dark wave/new wave/elektro stuff. I was a bit nervous on his behalf but relieved that the set was actually really good, and filled up the dance floor pretty much all night long. In the end people didn’t even want to leave! Good music, good friends, good times…

Crop top: MTWTFSS
Shoes: Fendi
Rose ring: Stockmann

10 thoughts on “Crop that top

  1. Boyfriend soitti kuulemma loistavasti 🙂 oli muutamia tuttuja siellä paikalla. Ottaa pannuun että ei tultu YO:lle vaan jouduin kamalaan Apolloon ja kyseinen visiitti oli ensimmäinen ja viimeinen laatuaan :/

  2. perfect dark electro outfit. sounds like it was awesome. i wish we had some sort of dance night around here. hell, maybe i’ll be a DJ since there seems to be a total lack… anyway, love the crop top especially… and you’re hair is always _perfectly_ wavy…

  3. Ocean: Voi kiitos!:)Jade: Thank you! I’m really digging this top right now too. :)Inna: Älä itke, mut kiitos kovasti! Hyvin samantyyppistä on myynnissä Mintun Go4itvol2-nettiputiikissa. Omani on Tukholmasta.Laura: 🙂 Yes, it was a great night! Thanks for coming!Nelliina: Joo keikka meni hyvin ja kiva, että sun tutut oli tykkäillyt. 🙂 Apollossa? Voi eiiiii…Vältän itse kaikkia Seduloita vaikka maailman tappiin asti. Harmi, kun ette päässeet Yo:lle. Olis ollut nimittäin vanhempaa porukkaa tällä kertaa. :)Thedramadiaries: Thank you!Snowshoe: Thanks..Yeah those clubs seem to be rare wherever you go. Luckily we have a few in this town. You should definately start one! Female DJ’s are always so cool. Oh and about my hair.. its naturally like that which saves a bunch of time in front of the mirror. :DVeera-Emmi: Niin on! 🙂

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