Layers, layers, layers

This outfit is actually from a couple days ago. I’ve been wearing the combat boots like crazy since I got them, they will definitely be my new fall/winter favourites. It’s getting colder in Finland so layering is important, especially when I have been suffering from a flu lately. Tomorrow I promise to come up with some fresh outfits because I’m going out again. I’m so excited about it since last week a club gig that I really wanted to go to, was sold out. This problem is eternal though: What to wear?

MC jacket: JSFN
Jeans: Cheap Monday
T-shirt: Cheap Monday
Sweater: Sunday Sun
Belt: Second hand
Bag: Saddler

Boots: Kenkärepo

13 thoughts on “Layers, layers, layers

  1. What's the talk about fresh outfits, I've never seen this one before 😉 Have fun and hope you recover from your flu! My Friday-night will be wild and maniac – reading for an exam I have tomorrow >_<

  2. Kitty kat: Thanks! Yeah it definately is, at least from the one’s you can find in Finland. :)Idhren: Well the pieces of this outfit have been seen but I guess not this whole ensemble. 😀 In fact I am partying tomorrow at Yo. I believe Nelliina is coming as well. Have fun at studying and good luck with the exam!Anna: Joo, tässä olis takki in action. Se on paljon parempi luonnossa kuin kuvissa. :)May: Thank you! Yep, its a thim belt over the cardi…I’m very much into that style right now. 🙂

  3. Love layers and this is perfection, good job! I spent about 200 dollars on the Dior and the Chanel was about 700 I think. Its expensive I know, but when I count how many times I wear them, its a good investment.

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