A knit dress, fashion meeting and lots of second hand clothes

Saturday’s pictures are finally up so here we go…

Once again it was quite a busy weekend. On Saturday I went to a fashion/style meeting organized by Tyylitaivas. I decided to wear a knit dress that I got from Sweden and it’s by a brand called Pour (more info and products can be found from here). I love it’s ripped, almost harness like look and its little leather buckle detail in the back of it (unfortunately not shown in the pics). I combined this fabulous dress with my new combat boots (which by the way I decided to keep for good) and the MC jacket. I got a bad flu going on, so layering this look with a cardigan was mandatory in order to keep warm

Dress: Pour
Undershirt: Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair
Cardigan: Roberto Cavalli for H&M
MC jacket: JSFN
Bag: Saddler
Combat boots: Kenkärepo

About 30 stylish ladies and few fashionable guys entered the Fida second hand outlet in Helsinki for some good food, drinks and lots of digging through old clothes. The second hand clothes were organized by a kilogram price and separated into 0.20, 0.50 and 1€/kg piles. The minimum amount you had to buy in order to get the discount was 10 kilograms. So I ended up bringing 10.2 kg of clothing back to home. I made some truly amazing finds such as a YSL blazer and the cutest lace gloves which I noticed to create quite a lot of jealousy among the other pile diggers. I found them first!

Source: Tyylitaivas

14 thoughts on “A knit dress, fashion meeting and lots of second hand clothes

  1. Oh my, over 10kg of second hand stuff! I managed to find 4 items and I was satisfied.. I guess I should have been there earlier.. Damn! 🙂

  2. Once again I am in love with your outfit!!!! You are a dream fall girl for me :))) can’t wait for temperatures to drop to try something similar!!!

  3. ekai haittaa vaikka suomeksi tänne kommentoinkin.harmi kun lopetit sen suomalaisen blogin ku tuo engkanti ei ole todellakaan mikään vahvin lajini 😀 //sulla on ihana tyyli!

  4. Ninav: Yep, I made quite a few kilos of good findings. I need to visit that place again! Love it!Frickys: Oh, thank you, so sweet! The temperature here is already low enough to let people layer things. Love it…Modegerecht: Yritän kirjoitta mahdollisimman yksinkertaisesti, että kaikki ymmärtää. Tässähän saa hyvää harjoitusta. Ja aina saa tietenkin kommentoida suomeksi! 🙂

  5. Oh my dear god! 😀 How on Earth did you manage to find so much stuff? 😀 I found 6 pairs of shoes, one bag and 5 other items. By the way, someone was already asking about the dating service we were planning… 😀

  6. hi there!im from malaysia, and i will be going to helsinki in October. I love collecting designer bags like Gucci/LV/Prada etc. I hope u can help me to list down the designer’s shops that available in Helsinki.:DI hope i can find it there.

  7. You look fab! I’m glad you kept those shoes, they look amazing. I can’t wait to see your new blazer and the rest of the 10 kgs 🙂

  8. Jenni: I don’t know. Everything was so cheap so I just took everything that looked wearable. When shall we open our dating business? ;)Teetyttö: Kiitos ja kiitos vielä kerran seurasta! Jahas, täytyykin miettiä ketä varteenotettavia vaitoehtoja olisi lähipiirissä. ;)Thequeenbee: We don’t have many actual shops but Louis Vuitton store just opened in Helsinki. Then there are some smaller boutiques such as Helsinki 10, Gaudete, Nina’s and My O My that sell designer bags etc. Hopefully you will find what you need!! :)Suna: Thanks. I’ve actually worn those boots non-stop since I got them. They are so comfy!Yonna: The problem with images should be fixed now, sorry about the hassle. It wasn’t your comp! 🙂 It was my image host’s fault..

  9. oi, ihana tuulitukka-kuva:) ärsyttää kun kaikki tapahtumat on aina Helsingissä ja täältä on sinne niin pitkä matka:s olis ollu kivaa tulla tuonne miittiin:)

  10. Runway: Se on kyllä totta, että Hesassa ravaaminen on tyyristä. Toivottavasti joskus järjestettäisiin jotakin esim. täällä Tampereella. Olis sellainen hyvä välipaikka. :)Kristin: Thank you! Yes, I love the details too. I’m wearing YSL Rouge Pure Shine lipstick, its my favourite!

  11. 🙂 kiitos itsellesi. Oli mukavaa.Noniin ja sitten voit tänne sellasen kivan postauksen kaikista varteenotettavista ehdokkaista tehdä 😉

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