Frisky business

A couple of days ago I received an email from the lovely Annika of the stating that she had chosen my blog to an article about “Bloggers Whose Style We Envy“. I am very honored to be in this bunch since I’m there with style icons such as Lulu from Everybody is Ugly and some other very fashionable ladies. Thank you so much for featuring me, the Frisky!

14 thoughts on “Frisky business

  1. congratulations to you too! I haven’t seen your comment until now. I love your blog too, so I will add it to my blogroll if you don’t mind! Kiitos! 😉

  2. Hi Anna-Maria!Congratulations! I’ve read about your blog in this article, so I’m here for the first time:) But I really like it! Your style is great.I’ve added you to my links and I’m going to visit you frequently!Hugs from Poland,Joanna

  3. Emma: Oh you know Finnish, thank you! 😀 I added you and will definately pay a visit to your blog often as well.Styledigger: Thank you and welcome back again! I also added your blog to my links. 🙂

  4. congratulation on the frisky feature too! you are fantastic. i had seen you on chictopia but hadn’t seen your blog till now. I immediately linked you on my “inspiration” blog roll… really super photos. you always look so polished!

  5. Snowshoe: Thank you. I added you as well. 🙂 I don’t update Chictopia as ofen as I update the blog, so this is the best source to get the latest looks. I will definately pay a visit to your blog again soon!Caramelo: Kiitti! :)Runway Gallery: Thank you! 🙂

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