The combat boots 2008

Last winter I made a huge deal about getting myself a pair of platform booties. This winter my obsession is combat boots; well, in fact the obsession started last year but I had to choose between platforms and combats. Girl can’t have it all at once, right? Anyway, I have been looking for the perfect pair from every single store in my town, and today I came really close to what I want. I’m still debating though, wondering if there is something better around the corner (I’m sure you all know the feeling). I’m quite content with my purchase, and I think these do look great BUT.. there is always the big but…

Dress: H&M Trend
Belt: Suomen paras vyökauppa
Combat boots: Kenkärepo

I would like them to be more like the Ann Dem ones, with a longer leg. I know there is one place in Helsinki which might have something like it but one can never be sure. Also the thing is, that I would like to wear the combat boots to a fashion meeting organized by Tyylitaivas on Saturday (which is the initial reason why I’m going to Helsinki). What to do? Shall I keep these or keep looking? The more I try them on, the more I grow into them…

I also got this cool studded belt a few days back. Originally it was too long but the store customizes and shortens the belts to be suitable for their new owner. What I was looking for was something Lulu from Everybody’s Ugly is wearing. However, I had no chance of going to Zara so this belt had to do. It’s not the same exact thing but I like it a lot anyway!

Soon I’m off to see Everything is Made in China, a truly great Russian indie/shoe gaze/post rock band.

5 thoughts on “The combat boots 2008

  1. well, you can keep them until saturday and check on the shop in helsinki before going to the fashion-meeting, if time permits, and decide afetr checking there? if you don’t wear the boots till then i guess it shouldn’t be a problem returning them next week? i just decided to get rid of my really old doc martens and posted about them today, but a pair of combat-boots like yours could well serve as substitute…

  2. I like your dress! you gave it a great twist with this belt.I am also def getting lilac and violet colored tights like yours 🙂

  3. Fröken lila: In fact I ended up keeping them, thank you for the tip though! :)Frickys: Thank you! Yes, those tights are this winters must have thing!Suna: Thanks, I ended up keeping them and now I’m in love. They are so comfy compared to high heels. 🙂

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