Saved by the bell

Yesterday I went to a costume party called Roska (translation is “Trash”). The dress code was 80’s and 90’s, and as a huge costume party fan, I decided to wear 90’s gear from head to toe. Kelly from the American TV-show Saved by the Bell was my muse for the outfit. She always wore those tiny tops with mom jeans and had a huge wave in her hair.

I purchased the shirt a few years ago at H&M in Stockholm in the vintage section. At the time I was thinking that belly shirts will definitely come back in fashion some time soon. From what I’ve seen on runways lately, in fact, like it or not, they are coming back big time. I also bought a pair of second hand Levi’s and made a scrunchie out of some excess fabric that I had. The earrings are my mother’s and from the 90’s, and the shoes I got from a friend long time ago. The party itself was not all that great because most of the people just bought some neon shirt from H&M thinking they’re all that. I wish people would put more effort into costume parties.. 

And oh yes, I am doing funny poses just like they did in the 90’s. Can you see the resemblance between mine and Kelly’s look?

Shirt: Vintage
Jeans: Levi’s, second hand
Shoes & belt: Second hand
Wayfers: Glitter
Jewelery: Mom’s old

8 thoughts on “Saved by the bell

  1. omg, aika kamala toi sun asus! Harmitti niin paljon etten tullut, mulla oli aika karmeet vaatteet katsottuna valmiiksi, mutta uni voitti sittenkin.PidĂ€n itsekin tosi paljon teemabileistĂ€, ja mua harmittaa se just ettĂ€ porukka ei pukeudu “vakavissaan” teeman mukaan. Te voisittekin joskus pitÀÀ kunnon teemajuhlat 🙂

  2. Teemajuhliin pitÀÀ pukeutua niin överisti, ettÀ ainakin oma vaatetus muistetaan juhlista jos ei muuta. SiitÀ tiedÀn, ettÀ oma pukeutumiseni on onnistunut jos jokainen juhlija jÀÀ tuijottamaan suu auki pukuani. Oli kyseessÀ sitten Disney- teema tai Halloween.

  3. Laura: Hahha, niinpĂ€. Katsoinkin naamakirjasta, ettĂ€ olisit tulossa, mutta ei sua sitten nĂ€kynytkÀÀn. Toisaalta et menettĂ€nyt siinĂ€ teiniviidakossa oikeastaan mitÀÀn muuta kuin se pukeutumisen hauskuuden. 😀 Ja samaa mieltĂ€, pitÀÀ panostaa asuun kunnolla!Naali: Juuri nĂ€in! Sain kyllĂ€ osakseni tuijotusta kun olin ainoa napapaitaan sonnustautunut bilettĂ€jĂ€. Toivotaan siis, ettĂ€ asu edes jĂ€i mieleen. 😀

  4. OMG, nice midriff! I used to wear tops like that when I was, like, seventeen… This posting brings back many happy memories, so thank you dear Fluxor. (Got to love that picture of Tiffani Amber, too, hardy har!)Take care! Auntie Em, previously known as TĂ€ti

  5. Auntie Em: Hahah, yep! I was wearing this kind of tops in the 7th grade..Tiffany is great!Anonymous: I know, baby, I know. 😉 Thanks! 😀

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