Cropped croppedy crop

Ugh, just as I had said yesterday that my inspiration was gone out the window and flushed in the rain, today it seemed as if the dreadful weather had taken a break. Finally there was some sunshine, and as I had a “home office” day (meaning I worked from home), I could actually dress in whatever my heart desired. I also visited my parents place and my boyfriend and I took some outfit pictures.I have had these cropped black jeans in my closet for awhile now but this is the third time I am wearing them. I’ve been trying to save them since they are the only black jeans that have not faded and still look brand new. They are 30 inch length, so they crop right at my ankles. Today it was very windy, so I wore my beloved abstract Monki sweater over the tank top.

Sweater: Monki
White tank top: H&M
Abstract black top: Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Sandals: X-IT, Dinsko
Wayfer necklace: Self-made

I’m gonna seriously do some sun dance if this cold weather won’t end. Could some of my dear California friends send that heatwave this way, please? All my cute sun dresses are just hanging in the closet waiting to be worn. So I’m begging you, send us some sun and do it fast…

11 thoughts on “Cropped croppedy crop

  1. Ainakin meille päin (vihdoinkin!) on luvattu lämpenevää säätä, viikonlopulle jopa 20 ja auringonpaistetta. Johan sitä on parisen viikkoa odoteltu.

  2. Marika: Toivottavasti sitä tulisi myös tänne Tampereen suuntaan. Meillä kun näyttää olevan ne Suomen ainoat sadepilvet. Nyyh. 😦

  3. Upea asu! Mustavalkoisuus on mun all time favorite -juttu, siksi nämäkin kolahti täysillä. En muista olenko kehunut (en ainakaan tarpeeksi) hiuksiasi. Ne on ihan mielettömän kauniit ja sopivat sulle täydellisesti!

  4. Anonymous: Kinda funny you say that because my boyfriend who is American is a proofreader and proofread my text..Plus I went to English uni and I use English everyday at home and at work. But thanks though..Nina: Kiitos, kiitos! Mustavalkoisuus on meikäläisenkin mieleen. :)Anonymous: Joo se olin minä! Ja se pitkätukkainen mun poikaystävä. :DIlona: Niitä saa Tampereen Jim & Jillistä. Niillä on ollut hurjia aleja, ostin sieltä parit kappaleet muistaakseni vain 15 Eurolla. 🙂

  5. tätä blogiasi on muuten paljon kivempi lukea englanniksi,tulee itelle jotenki sellainen..tuttu ja kodikas fiilis :Dmutta joo,en voisi elää ilman blogiasi:)

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