Not so sunny Tuesday afternoon

It has been raining now for the past few days and seems like it’s not going to stop anytime soon. Due to the bad weather conditions, I have not worn anything special to be worth photographing. When I get home from work my hair is usually wet and my makeup is falling, so it’s not a very pretty sight. With this greyness all my inspiration has gone out the window and got lost in the rain…Where are you sunshine, where are you summer? Oh this depression!Due to lack of my own outfit photos, I am now introducing a new Swedish brand called Pudel. The designs are very similar to Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair with the abstract cuts and dark colors. I love how they are using black on their spring/summer collection, it’s so Scandinavian of them. It is also rather cool that the boy in the pictures happens to be my friend from Stockholm. Way to go Jocke!

You can purchase the clothes online from here.

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