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If you have pondered upon my new blog “Fashion Flux”, it is probably because you were a reader of my old Finnish blog “Pikkumusta” or my English blog “Fashion Victim”. Some of you may have found me through style forums such as “The Fashion Spot” or “Tyylitaivas“. No matter how you found your way here, I would like to explain a little bit on why I decided to start a totally new blog.

When I first entered the world of blogging it was back in 2006. I started a little life blog about the parties and gigs I went to and it was called “World According to Anna-Maria” (…only after the great movie “World According to Garp”). Later I was introduced to fashion blogs and since I have always been a huge fashion fan, I decided to start one of my own called “Fashion Victim”. I was blogging in English, however I was very new in the fashion blog world and my blog was sort of un-noticed for a long time. One month after I started my English blog, I stumbled upon blogs such as “Väärä Dikotomia” (now “Only Shallow“) and “Nelliinan Vaatehuone” (all great blogs btw). It was obvious then that I should start writing in my mother tongue which is Finnish. Pikkumusta got lot more recognition and the discussion in the blog was very lively in Finnish. My blog even got noticed in magazines such as Trendi and one newspaper in Finland. I decided to put more effort into Pikkumusta since it was much more active. I completely stopped updating Fashion Victim since being torn between two blogs that I love doing, is very hard.

Then something happened: More and more people from other countries (than Finland) started visiting Pikkumusta and leaving me comments. I knew it was time for a change. So here I am, blogging in English, again, and I’m just loving it! I would like to think that this new blog is a love child of the two previous ones. However, with Fashion Flux I promise to deliver better pictures and give my full contribution to this blog, and only this blog.

In the end I would like to tell something about myself since some of you readers are not familiar with my two past blogs. I am currently 25, living in a city called Tampere in Finland, dating an American, working in the corporate world (as you probably seen from description) and I love love love fashion, clothes and traveling. This time around I am also blogging with my real name, Anna-Maria, as in the past I had a nickname “Fluxor”. I kept the Flux part of the title of this blog since I grew very fond of this name, and it has a special meaning to me. For those of you, who have wondered where on earth does this nick come from, well in Finnish “flux” are the first three letters of my last name. I put “flux” in the an electronic dictionary and what came up as an example sentence was: “Fashion is in the state of flux”. What could have been a better coincidence!?!

So welcome and hopefully you will enjoy this blog! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Start fresh

  1. Meinasitko laittaa blogilistalle tämän osoitteen ton vanhan tilalle vai teetkö uuden “tilin” tälle blogille? :DOnnea uudelle blogille muuten 🙂

  2. Idhren: Thanks, me too! :)Lovely: Kiitoksia! Tämän väsäämisessä menikin tovi, kun en ole kummempi CSS:n taitaja. 😀

  3. Eve: Teen uuden tilin blogilistalle ja poistan sen vanhan, joka oli tässä osoitteessa.Olen vaan ollut niin kiireinen tämän ulkoasun tekemisen kanssa, että unohdin blogilistan tyystin. 🙂 Korjaan asian pikimmiten eli jatkossa Fashion Flux löytyy myös blogilistalta. :)Kiitos muistutuksesta!Pter: Thanks babe!

  4. Aawww kiitos maininnasta 🙂 Ja onnea uuteen blogiin, on enemmän sun näköinen heti alkuunsa!

  5. Nelliina: Kiitti! Tän kanssa vaan on sellaista kikkailua vähän noiden kuvien ja tekstien kanssa, että välillä meinaa mennä hermot. 😀

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