Paris men’s fashion week: Damir Doma S/S 2011

The last but not least of the fashion shows we attended on the Paris men’s fashion week, was Spring/Summer 2011 collection of the Croatian born designer Damir Doma. He is probably the most known of the bunch and getting a lot of, much deserved, attention in the fashion world at the moment. The beautiful school courtyard where the show was held at, was buzzing with fashion elite and insiders, so you can imagine attending a massive event like this was the best possible ending for our fashion week experience.

For spring/summer 2011 Damir Doma has traveled to the Orient with relaxed silhouettes, kaftans, keffiyefs, and fez hats. This style has been featured quite a few times on the runway but never has it catched my attention to this extent; The subtle looks and earthly colors create a peaceful atmosphere, a zen like state where everything is in peace and harmony. It’s a state that I wouldn’t mind being in next summer.

Here are my favorite looks and the designer himself, please view the slide show below for the full collection.

Damir Doma S/S 2011
Pictures by me

  1. carissa said:

    awesome! believe it or not I have a thing with man’s fashion ;)

    • Yeah, me too! I don’t have a problem with wearing menswear, as long as it fits my body.

    • Indeed! I love the airyness and flow of the Damir Doma garments.

  2. Xavier said:

    Thanks for the posting the pics, I was 100% sure you liked Damir Doma it’s tottaly your style I think :)
    I’ve actually been checking his work for a while now, I personally like it a lot but it’s just so EXPENSIVE!

  3. Yes, I do!:) I actually have the Damir Doma scarf bag from the “Silent” line, which I adore. You’re right, the main collection prices are quite high but luckily the Silent line is not as expensive. I absolutely love his womenswear as well!

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